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Whatever your business and wherever you’re working, we’re working in your world. Thanks to our decades of experience across public, private and the charitable sector, Capita can offer unique business perspectives both within and across sectors. Find out more about who we partner with.


A fuller service

When you buy a car, it’s an emotional purchase. That’s why so many of the world’s best known names in the automotive sector choose Capita to work in close partnership with them.

We provide specialists with expertise in the unique requirements of customer service for the motor industry. Our case managers are advocates for the brands they represent and adept at supporting the dealer networks throughout the customer journey; from pre-sales enquiries through to aftersales support.


Betting & gaming

 Playing to win

The Gaming and betting industry is highly competitive and dynamic, where new technological and financial opportunities are always being sought to gain an edge. For example, there has been a big rise in the number of betting exchanges and offshore telebetting operators in recent years, which benefit from significant cost and tax advantages compared to UK bookmakers. Capita partners with major organisations in the betting and gaming industry to support their mid-long term transformation journeys and to stay ahead of the competition. Often it is the big events in the year such as Grand National that make all the difference for a bookmaker. If you need a partner who was capable of taking its people, delivering the required cost and tax savings, and providing the flexibility and scalability to meet the peak demands of the business – such as Grand National day, then call Capita.

Betting & gaming
Betting & gaming

Case study - supporting William Hill for sporting peaks

In 2011, Capita Customer Management entered into a partnership with William Hill, one of the most trusted and well-known brands in the betting and gaming sector. We currently provide William Hill with its Retail and Online customer services, operating 24/7, 365 days a year. We utilise multiple channels (phone, SMS, email, web chat) to serve customers more responsively on whichever channel they choose to make contact with. In 2015 we introduced multi-skilling, training advisors to deal with both Retail and Online enquiries and ultimately reducing costs to the client.

We have been honoured to provide support to William Hill on some of their biggest revenue days of the year, including the Cheltenham Festival, the World Cup and the Grand National (which you can read about here).


Spending it wisely

When it comes to charity, everyone wants to help out. But charities need to reassure donors that their contributions are making a real difference. More than that, the customer experience has to be impeccable. With our deep experience of managing appeals, donations and helplines we have decades of experience with Charitable giants like the RSPCA and National Trust. Not only offering a unique understanding of Third Sector needs, but delivering cost savings and efficiencies – which means more money goes where it’s really needed. 


Case study – National Trust

The National Trust is a conservation charity founded in 1895 by three people who saw the importance of our nation’s heritage and open spaces, and wanted to preserve them for everyone to enjoy.  More than 120 years later, these values are still at the heart of everything the charity does. Entirely independent of Government, the National Trust looks after more than 250,000 hectares of countryside, 775 miles of coastline and hundreds of special places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. More than 20 million people visit every year, and together with 4.5 million members and over 62,000 volunteers, they help to support the charity in its work to care for special places forever, for everyone. Capita partners with The National Trust to deliver an innovative, multi-channel approach to customer service through the provision of a Supporter Services Centre (SSC). The SSC work across a number of channels including, inbound telephony, outbound telephony, email, web chat/call and white mail. We have embedded a programme of continuous improvement, which has enabled us to halve the number of complaints, increase the revenue coming into National Trust e.g. through gift-aid and our people absolutely love living the National Trust brand - which shows through our CSAT scores, which are on average 90%.

  • Over 90% CSAT on average
  • Complaints have been reduced by more than 50%
  • Supported campaign to collect more than £0.5 million in Gift Aid
  • Helped reduce member cancellation by 10%

Financial services

The gold standard

The financial services industry is moving at lightning speed with FinTech market entrants changing its face almost weekly. So customer experience has never mattered more. We act as that crucial customer interface for some of the biggest names in the industry. We have over 400 advisors handling two million customer contacts a year, from card activations to account queries, all rigorously selected, highly trained and skilled in responding to the needs of your brand. If you need a partner who is absolutely the sector expert, then seek the gold standard in customer care with us…

Financial services
Financial services

Case study - a leading vehicle finance operation

We’ve built an almost decade long relationship with one of the UK’s leading vehicle finance operations. Capita took over responsibility for customer service, customer relations and elements of retail financing. For nearly a decade our service has been based around an insourced operation at our client’s primary UK processing site in Wales. There, Capita has delivered continuing innovation in operational best practice - overseeing a 40% reduction in fixed costs. The introduction of multi-channel systems like SMS messaging, has delivered key improvements in KPI metrics, staff development and operational flexibility. 

  • 100% adherence to KPI’s on delivery in 12 months
  • New AutoPay portal driving call reduction
  • Call lengths cut by 50 seconds
  • Outbound SMS system implemented
  • VQ award for NVQ training

Public sector

Point of contact

Our work in the public sector is one of the cornerstones of our operation. It’s an area in which a hard-earned reputation for handling personal data that is safe, secure and confidential is particularly valuable. 

Public sector
Public sector


 Babysitting the biggest brands in the UK

Retail in Britain has changed radically in the past decade, from online to mobile to ‘zero touch’ freshly clicked interactions. Technology drives and our multi-channel offering is key to our strength. Our long-standing experience with major clients including M&S and Debenhams ensures a wide knowledge of the sector and its aims. More than that, we are famous for the commitment we show to the brands we represent. Our agents see themselves as the face of Debenhams and M&S as well as employees of Capita. They have specific training in dealing with the fast moving consumer goods audience and team leaders have an acute understanding of the reputational risks out there. We know how to shop....



Case study - a 16-year strong partnership with Marks and Spencer

We have worked in partnership with Marks and Spencer since 2001 looking after their customer service. Over the last 16 years, Capita has worked to help build customer loyalty and focus on improving the customer experience. The team has worked collaboratively to emed the operating excellence framework to drive continuous improvement and used insight from data to drive down the Contact to Order Ratio (CTO). Ultimately though, the heart of this 16 year partnership is the people – customer service agents who care about M&S customers, who live the M&S brand and who always strive to deliver the best customer experience to their customers.

  • Overall contact reduction 30%
  • Reduction in Contact to Order Ratio 33%
  • NPS scores for Agents increased by 18%

Telecoms & media

Call on us

Our expertise in this complex and competitive market has attracted the UK’s biggest telecoms companies.  Our scalable operations are ideally suited to meet the industry’s seasonal and campaign demands and we offer a wide range of services from sales and billing, to technical support and customer retention. We have more than 4500 staff supporting our Telco clients.

Telecoms & media
Telecoms & media

Case study - helping Plusnet to bring its customer promise to life

What initially began in 2015 as a short-term contract to help deliver customer service agents at a time of growth for Plusnet has rapidly evolved into a true transformational partnership.

Growing to around 100 insourced customer service agents, Capita’s focus has been to help enhance and transform Plusnet’s customer experience and the results have been speaking for themselves. In fact, our team have been continuously exceeding benchmark targets set by Plusnet by 15-30%.

All the agents work to the same targets and KPIs – set by Plusnet – and we use the same communications, incentivisation and management across all contact centre staff. There can often be a worry that insourcing can result in a ‘them and us’ culture among staff – Capita works hard with all its customers to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Travel & transport

Going places

The travel & transport industry today faces a market transformed by budget carriers and online booking systems. Importantly, too, it deals with people at a time of extremely high stress and pressure. So training, professionalism and experience in the call center partner are vital. In the on-going challenge to minimise costs while delivering a high level of service, our public-facing communication skills can not only help enhance your brand, but deliver increased customer satisfaction at the same time. 

Travel & transport
Travel & transport

Case study - one of the UK's largest logistics companies

Driven by the rapid growth of home delivery and collection services, one of the UK’s largest logistic companies turned to Capita for assistance developing their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Capita’s customer-focused expertise meant we could deliver a wide range of complex yet fully automated services within a short timeframe, including parcel tracking, status updates and re-delivery and collection options as part of a radically improved customer experience

  • 30% reduction in 'Where's my Order' calls
  • 50% of calls handled via IVR
  • Fall in abandoned calls
  • 85% of calls answered within 30 Seconds


Staying connected

To consumers, water, gas and power are everyday essentials. Price is key, but service remains a benchmark for customer loyalty. Our work with major UK utilities delivers a range of customer services, from billing and call-handling to debt collection both on and off-shore. Our outsourced services offer flexibility and cost-saving while ensuring customers receive the highest levels of service. 


Case study - a Big Six energy provider

When a contract starts as a six-month temporary period of support and turns into a 10+ year relationship, it’s safe to say you’re doing something right. Capita provides valued customer management services for this ‘Big 6’ Utilities giant with millions of residential accounts. This is a genuinely collaborative engagement which has achieved the commercial, transformational and innovation goals set out by both partners. A culture of continuous improvement has been embedded in the partnership where Capita have driven operational excellence to reduce costs and transform experience.

  • Met target of being within 85-100% of in-house scores on customer and quality measures
  • Reduction in number of customers leaving  <3%
  • Increased NPS score by +48.

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