Customer Management and the future of Customer Experience

Our March 2018 edition of Intelligence

This month’s Intelligence is the first of a two-part special on Customer Management and the Future of Customer Experience. 

In this edition, we look at the technology and trends that will impact the customer service sector and customer experience in the near future. We explore:

  • The view from Matthew Vallance, Managing Director of Capita Customer Management, on key trends that will shape the future
  • The challenges self-serve needs to face to really work for customers
  • Why AI is smart, but it’s not always a magic bullet
  • How automation can search for simplicity, but deliver complexity
  • The industry view on the future of customer management and customer experience

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In the second of our two-part special, we consider what part the human will play in the future of customer experience. Check out our People and Trends publication in April 2018.

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