Through (y)our people

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. In a digital marketplace, Capita’s deep understanding of consumer interactions is more important than ever in creating a successful customer journey. That’s why we’re re-shaping the customer experience using a range of proactive systems in order to better understand customer needs and identify drivers of satisfaction. Above all, we recognise there is no one size fits all solution – if an approach doesn’t exist, we’re committed to finding it.

Through (y)our people

At Capita, delivering a better customer experience means putting people first. If you look after your people, they look after your customers. With a dedicated focus on staff engagement and motivation and our tried and tested on-boarding process, means the resources who represent your brand, live your brand. 

Employee partnerships are the key to delivering you improved services. That’s why we’ve pioneered innovations such as the My Journey employee engagement framework. Click here to discover why our people love working for Capita Customer Management.


Supporting & Measuring Success

We’ve created a performance-driven culture. Through targeted coaching and assessment of individual advisor KPIs we deliver a service that’s always aligned to your business targets. NPS is one of the key measurements used for our agents as we can measure both your brand and our performance through the eyes of the customer.

Our agents benefit from technological advancements such as live scorecard monitoring, real-time word clouding, sentiment scoring and online analytics. These bespoke management systems, with responses stored in a central database for feedback, help us close the loop on customer feedback.


Gamifying the Agent Experience drives up CSAT

Alongside this we’ve introduced additional empowerment strategies at an operational level, including Gamification in our call centre operations. Not only has this created a socially rewarding, fun environment for our agents, but it has created a powerful feedback loop. There are four elements to our approach:

  • Evidence – Behaviour is measured, captured and stored

  • Relevance – Emotionally resonant context

  • Consequence – Information must illuminate one or more paths

  • Action – Clear moment where behaviour can be recalibrated.


The result? Higher levels of satisfaction amongst your customers. We usually see an uplift of 10% or more in CSAT scores.

Find out more about research we conducted in conjunction with CCA on liberating data and gamification. 


Gamification drives up CSAT for Debenhams

At Debenhams Gamification for the team drove a significant rise in customer satisfaction. In fact CSAT went up 10% in a period of only 8 weeks. Operational performance was tangibly improved and revenue through sales has also increased year-on-year as more engaged employees drive happier customers. Any recurrent customer issue can be resolved fast, giving our customers the outstanding service they expect and keeping sales buoyant. For example, there was an issue with shoes being sent out scuffed from a particular store. Our text analytics tools pulled out the information from the Gamification tool and we were able to resolve it swiftly. To download full case study, click here.

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