Smarter technology

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. In a digital marketplace, Capita’s deep understanding of consumer interactions is more important than ever in creating a successful customer journey. That’s why we’re re-shaping the customer experience using a range of proactive systems in order to better understand customer needs and identify drivers of satisfaction. Above all, we recognise there is no one size fits all solution – if an approach doesn’t exist, we’re committed to finding it.

Through smarter technology

It is the blend of the smart application of technology and our experience to solve business problems that makes the difference to transform your customers’ experiences.

Partnering and Developing with technology to deliver a great customer experience

As you would expect, we partner with an ecosystem of technology providers to deliver the right solution for you. We are blazing the trail with our technology partners in developing innovative applications from emerging technologies that are transforming the customer experience such as Visual IVR or online screen sharing. But where we also excel is having a team of our own agile software developers whose mission is to create frontline solutions that will provide a better agent and customer experience. These tools may look like many of the tools you find in large scale IT platforms but they are much quicker to deploy, they don’t require huge capital expenditure and they are agnostic to IT platforms, so don’t require large scale effort or systems integration.

Our Customer Satisfaction Solution is a great example of how we are partnering with a 3rd party, developing our own bespoke software and layering on top our insight expertise to have a material impact on CSAT scores and delivering better customer experience. Read more here about how we do this.

Capita/O2 partnership blaze the customer experience trail with new Visual IVR technology

We have recently completely transformed the way customer interactions coming into O2 Contact Centres are handled, through the use of smarter technology. In strategic partnership with Telefonica, we delivered a new Voice Recognition based call routing system,  making it quicker and simpler to get through to an advisor and removing the effort associated with waiting on the phone listening to what can feel like endless menu options. ‘Just tell us why you're calling’ - Simple. We can complete security checks by customers being able to provide account passwords through voice recognition, which means they don’t need to go through further security questions with the Agent and the agent already knows why the customer is calling - a much slicker experience.

Not resting on our laurels, we’ve gone one step further now the Voice Recognition system, which has been running successfully and recently launched another new experience in Customer Services called “Visual IVR”. Customers calling are offered a secure link to MyO2 so they can self-serve if we match the reason they provide to the Voice Recognition service with one of the great self-service features available in the web based version of MyO2. As long as the Customer has provided their Account Password, when the Customer clicks on an SMS link we send to them the Visual IVR logs them into MyO2 directly – and here’s the other clever bit – we leave the call open and provide a button on the MyO2 screen, which the customer can press if they need to get help from an Agent to complete their journey.

Transforming the customer experience utilising the best of Voice & Online, recognised as an industry first!

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