Delivering Operational Excellence

You understand the need to deliver great customer service. It’s business critical. However, keeping your customers happy while also keeping the cost to serve down is tough – if it’s not core business, it presents a challenge. Our outsourcing packages are tailored to answer that challenge, reducing your cost to serve while maintaining brand loyalty.

Delivering Operational Excellence

Failure demand, repeat contact, and customers being ‘handed off’ are all operational challenges that customer service departments face. Without the right operational rigour, and effective planning and controls, they can quickly impact the bottom line. Here at Capita, we deliver that operational efficiency and effectiveness through our tried and tested Operating Excellence Framework. We invest in practical, operational solutions - built from the contact centre floor up. Solutions that answer real problems for real customers, day in and day out. We consistently out-perform in-house teams because this is what we do and all we do, honed over 40 years in every major vertical.

Using our Operating Excellence Framework, we use the right tools and processes to tailor a more efficient customer service operation for you and your customers.

People: By using specific people coaching techniques we can drive improvements in call handling times and get it Right First Time (First Contact Resolution). Click here to read more about why our people are so important to our success.

Process & Technology: It may mean deploying our Lean Six Sigma Black Belts to drive out process improvements, or using innovative applications such as Wingman to schedule customer call backs and reduce repeat calls.

Quality: Of course, we back all this up with rigorous quality assurance. The robust Quality Assurance Cycle enables Capita to execute a high quality and compliant service. We focus on measuring the quality of our service against your requirements, to give you the confidence we are looking after your brand. Click here to see more detail about our regulatory compliance capabilities.



How are you driving costs out of your Back office?

Queues of emails, complaints and administration tasks can become overwhelming and costly to deal with. This is why we have developed a tracking tool, which allows team managers to have a real-time view of their agents completing back office tasks. The tool enables the planning team to better distribute resource to work on back office tasks and they can scale up or down more effectively depending on the workload.

The result of all of this? Your customers see you responding to them faster, and smarter, than ever before. Your brand perception improves, complaints go down and ultimately you drive costs down too.

Fresh Waters for Southern Water

When Southern Water partnered with Capita two years ago, their industry regulated SIM (Service Incentive Mechanism) score was 3.7 – ranking them bottom among water utility providers with consequent financial penalties from Ofwat. Together, we implemented the levers of our operational excellence best practice. Now that score is 4.28 (4.16 for billing), and in the last Ofwat review their ranking had moved up 3 places.

81% of Southern Water calls are answered within 30 seconds and call abandonment has plummeted from 16% to 2.5%. A key reason for that success was our establishment of a CORE room to drive operational excellence - based on David Brailsford’s theory of marginal gains in multiple areas. As a joint team we collaborated in agreeing the measures and ideas to deliver a better customer experience. We transformed recruitment, re-wrote training material, instituted mentoring and a ‘buddy system’, and drove change back into the business via a ‘shift left’ approach to solving recurrent customer issues.

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