Enabling a true multichannel experience

See Customer service as a revenue stream… not a cost centre. The way we see it, every contact your customers make is a chance to make a sale or enhance your brand’s reputation - not a potential headache. This mindset makes all the difference. Our clients all want to maximise their revenue, and our focus on targeting the right customers at the right time with well-trained staff in models like ‘sales through service’ can unlock their competitive advantage.

Enabling a true multi-channel experience

In the digital world, your customers want to interact seamlessly across a range of channels. Although there are significant cost savings to be made through shifting or keeping customers on a more cost-effective channel such as online self-serve, best-in-class companies provide the right channel at the right time for their customers to drive those higher-value interactions and generate more revenue.  

Remarketing with our multi-channel strategy

If you are an organisation who has an online e-commerce presence and you are wanting to increase your revenue and strengthen your brand with your customers, then we can support this through our multi-channel solution. We can now offer a solution that tracks customers who do not get to the end of their digital journeys, and generates a multi-channel follow up lead including, uniquely, a near real-time call back opportunity aimed at helping the customer complete their transaction. This software has been developed so that the whole process happens in seconds, as the quicker you can contact online visitors, the better chance you have of converting them into customers.

With our acquisition of Octal Solutions, we are now the only company that brings together unfinished transaction / dropped basket leads and telephony, which allows us to action the lead when it's hottest, typically within 15 minutes, generating a DMC of 50-60% and conversion of 20-30% (depending on industry).  For more information about this software solution, then please click here  http://www.optilead.co.uk/solutions/remarketing/


Increasing online sales

In the UK retail trade, online sales grew around 15% in 2016.  In a market of fierce competition and where more and more customers are choosing to shop online, companies need to have a trusted website that can drive the increases in revenue they are expecting. Capita provides Web Content Management services to its clients, which includes:

  • Adding products onto the site every day

  • Aligning web with campaign launches

  • Adding video links

  • Building outfits

  • Site walking (checks)

  • Adding YMALS (You May Also Like)

Solutions need to be flexible, responsive and low cost without compromising on quality. For this reason, our clients tend to choose to have the serviced managed from our offshore site in India.


One of our UK high street retail clients was looking to expand their online business to grow their market share in menswear, children’s wear and home products. Working in partnership with the client, we quickly built a dedicated web content management team that was highly skilled, creative and effective. Since service commencement we have introduced a rigorous quality check process to ensure errors are minimised, and implemented a split shift work pattern to ensure that the website is always up to date, which is vital during peak trading times as it means that customers are able to access the latest merchandise from the website.

Since working with us, the retailer has seen increased online sales in these departments and some other significant benefits and improvements including:

  • 50% savings on every role offshored

  • 30% improvement in the accuracy and quality of online content

  • 16% more content and products processed offshore than by the onshore team


Are you using social channels to generate more revenue?

We have found that social channels are a great way of generating leads and potential sales through finding customers who complain about your competitors. There has been an eight fold increase in complaints on social media since Jan 2014 and we know that 31% of consumers have made pre-sales enquiries via social media. You don’t want to annoy potential future customers by sending clumsy, ill-timed mass sales messages -  you want to reach out and let them know you can help when they need it. That’s what our new Twitter Bot - James does! James identifies tweets like the one below and then asks the customer if they want any help. They can then be targeted as a lead by your sales and retentions team.


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