Managing Collections

See Customer service as a revenue stream… not a cost centre. The way we see it, every contact your customers make is a chance to make a sale or enhance your brand’s reputation - not a potential headache. This mindset makes all the difference. Our clients all want to maximise their revenue, and our focus on targeting the right customers at the right time with well-trained staff in models like ‘sales through service’ can unlock their competitive advantage.

Managing Collections

Here at Capita, we provide end-to-end debt collection solutions. This means we can work with your customers from the moment they apply for credit, to the point their debt is cleared. Our flexible, scalable support is tailored to meet your particular needs and the needs of your customers and can be delivered from our UK or offshore locations.

Choosing a level of collections service that suits you

Our first action is to manage accounts to avoid them entering into arrears in the first place, but when customers do default on payments, we use our expertise to support the full debt lifecycle, including:

Account Management - payment processing, customer services and proactive monitoring to limit the number of accounts progressing to debt stage

Early arrears - activities to rehabilitate debtors, avoiding progression to more costly later stages

Late arrears - specialist strategies focused on maximizing recovery

Collections service broker - panel management approach, including DCA placement, litigation, trace, pre-sue and IVAs

We have had great success in driving revenue up for our clients. For a client operating in a SME environment, we reduced arrears by £3.45m within the first year of their outsourcing operations to us. For a utilities client, we achieved a 28% improvement in the number of customers contacted. In addition, we secured a 13% improvement in commitment to pay.

You can be reassured that we carefully comply with regulatory bodies to ensure we are treating customers fairly and sensitively including OFCOM, Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), PCI:DSS and DPA.


Supporting customers in vulnerable circumstances

We recognise that you have a portion of vulnerable customers who need treating with care and specialist skills.

We provide specialist training for front line staff to help them identify vulnerability factors and provide prompt referral to a Customer Care Team. The Customer Care Team can be deployed to focus solely on customers who require extra assistance and customers in vulnerable circumstances.  As a specially trained team, they can provide the customer with a specific point of contact and liaise with external partners such as Money Advice Trust, Step Change Debt Charity and Samaritans to ensure the customer is informed about the potential help available to them.

Capita South Africa supports a Water Company's Collections

For one of our Utilities (Water) partners, we launched a re-invigorated collections campaign in 2016 with 70 agents going live. We took accountability for both inbound and outbound collection calls and architected the right solution for their Residential and Commercial customers. Our global reach enabled the client to select a go live in South African based on past performance, cultural alignment and cost. Capita SA then out-performed the previous incumbent within the first month of go-live. At the time of writing Collections and CSAT Quality results are tracking ahead of the agreed speed-to-competency targets.

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