Gaining insights from data

You understand the need to deliver great customer service. It’s business critical. However, keeping your customers happy while also keeping the cost to serve down is tough – if it’s not core business, it presents a challenge. Our outsourcing packages are tailored to answer that challenge, reducing your cost to serve while maintaining brand loyalty.

Gaining insights from data

Handling more than 100million conversations and interactions every year creates a mass of useful data: direct feedback from customers, indirect feedback through social media posts, or inferred data through customer contact patterns. But it’s our insight experts that really make the difference.

It's not just about the data but how you use it

Not only do our Insight Experts understand the data itself, but they understand your need for data which can be converted into actionable insight. This is what leads to driving contact down and we can underwrite c10% cost out simply by implementing our expertise in continuous improvement.

With a dedicated Insight and Improvement team we’re experts in transformation. Not only do we mine a diverse range of data sources, we have a range of advanced analytical techniques at our fingertips - including speech, text analytics and Hypercube. To find out more about how our dedicated teams can transform your business through our “Insight Sprints” click here to download the brochure. 


Pulling those Management Information Levers to drive improvement

One of the quiet giants behind the success of our contact centre operations is our expertise and capability in Management Information (MI).

We use the best-in-class technology of Business Objects 4, which analyses a colossal amount of data. MI executes an invaluable role in keeping you informed about how we’re doing against our contractual obligations and keeping our own teams up to date – to the minute – with their performances. A mobile platform then enables clients to get everything they need on the move. Operational leads use this data to decide which levers they can pull to drive efficiencies across the operation and keep driving costs down. Read more about our MI capability.


Focus a '3D' lens on your data

 Getting a complete picture, means being able to see from every angle. We provide that by drawing on data from three different perspectives – customer contacts, account information and internal business data. That “3D” picture means we build up a much richer functional picture of your business operations and customer needs. From this analysis we tailor our operations towards your needs and provide information on expenditure, such as the costs of serving a particular group of customers. To read our blog on 3D insight click here.


Do you have insight on yours and your competitors' social customer service data?

Our insight from data doesn’t just come from phone conversations with customers - we track data across all channels. In fact with 500million tweets being published every single day, this rich source of data we shouldn’t ignore.

Capita Customer Management offer a powerful social media insight reporting service that gives clients a view of how they are doing compared to their competitors. Who’s responding fastest to tweets? How long are your customers staying in conversations, compared to your closest rivals? And crucially, how do your customers feel about it?

Structured insight like this can translate into immediate, customer-facing change, such as standing up more responders at peak times – and ensuring that when your closest rivals are performing at their strongest, you aren’t leaving the desks unmanned. Our insight service is able to tell you what platforms your customers are using, and even what devices. Triangulate that information with the platforms and devices most used by your closest rivals - and you start to get actionable data about where effort should be focussed.

Read our brochure on Social Media Insight Reporting here.

Driving value beyond the call centre for a national retailer

Over a five-year partnership with a national retailer, our online growth strategy quickly grew into a 3D data vision driven by our Customer Service Platform. For example, by interrogating the detail, we could reach deep into the supply chain and provide insights about suppliers who were helping the brand – and those who weren’t. Our custom-built dashboard not only enabled the retail management team to measure supplier performance over time, but pass actionable suggestions down the supply chain. The result was insight which offered immediate scope for improvements, such as the revelation that over 50% of chase calls were being generated by just 10 distributors – meaning that could be addressed and the retailer's reputation for outstanding customer service supported. 

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