Disruptive digital solutions

See Customer service as a revenue stream… not a cost centre. The way we see it, every contact your customers make is a chance to make a sale or enhance your brand’s reputation - not a potential headache. This mindset makes all the difference. Our clients all want to maximise their revenue, and our focus on targeting the right customers at the right time with well-trained staff in models like ‘sales through service’ can unlock their competitive advantage.

Disruptive digital solutions

In partnership with leading insurtech Artificial Labs, we're enabling brands to achieve a step change in delivering a disruptive insurance service solution, driving revenue growth and providing customers with market-leading digital experiences. 

Take control of your insurance offering with a compelling digital solution that reflects your brand identity

Leverage your brand loyalty to upsell to your customers, whilst delivering a seamless digital user experience.

Most consumers buy from brands, and through our innovative insurance solution you can own the customer experience consistently across your full product range.  

68% of consumers would prefer to use online channels to look for information about insurance.* Our innovative insurance offering delivers excellent satisfaction for your customers, as well as reduced operating costs and higher sales and revenue growth for you. 

Capita Customer Management, in partnership with leading customer experience insurtech Artificial Labs, has a new disruptive insurance service solution. We enable brands to achieve a step change in delivering an insurance solution to your customers, driving revenue growth, cost efficiency and providing customers with market-leading digital experiences. 

Our fully branded solutions are delivered in an integrated way across all key channels for your brand, providing complementary services that are great for both your business and your customers.

With Capita and Artificial you can:

Increase distribution…

  • Generate increased income through add-on commissions and premium finance revenues
  • Open new opportunities to cross sell to your existing customer base
  • Rapid ability to test and deploy new insurance lines
  • By leveraging a panel of insurers, we widen the eligibility of your customers and therefore deliver greater sales penetration across your customer base

…Whilst delivering excellent customer experiences.

  • Fully branded user journeys, integrated into your existing systems to give a seamless customer experience
  • Create a differentiated Insurance Offering that aligns to your Brand
  • Maximise use of customer data and personalise products to be most appropriate for each individual

Sell more…

  • Bring new insurance products to market at pace, assured in the knowledge that it is fully supported by the online and voice managed service
  • Brand driven pricing which reflects the total lifetime value of your customers to your business
  • Best in class UX combining the strengths of Capita (#1 customer service provider in the UK) and Artificial Labs (top Insurtech) as delivery partners

…More economically.**

  • Digital first solutions reduce your call volumes by 90%
  • Reduce policy set up time by 75%
  • Automate 60% of claims

We ensure that you - the brand - own the customer, the experience and the data. We work with you to deliver a fully white labelled platform and customer contact capability that enables you to engage with your customers in the ways they love. 

Unlike the traditional affinity model, our seamless customer journey will be fully integrated and complimentary, removing inconsistencies across the customer journey and delivering a consistent, positive user experience.

Using our hybrid solution, we deliver:

  • Insurer-led customer experience, engagement and contact strategy
  • Digital experiences, not limited by your existing platforms and infrastructure
  • Increased differentiation of your product and experience vis a vis your competitors
  • Policy sales not limited by sole insurers' own-risk appetite and pricing strategy, but to the overall customer value to your brand
  • Incentives and commissions for add-on sales/premium finance to your brand, not the insurer

Capita is the leading customer contact service provider, with over 27,000 advisors managing over 250,000 conversations every day. Our clients extend across the FTSE 250 including commercial and general insurance companies, retailers, utilities, automative and telcos.

Artificial Labs is a SaaS business which exists to make insurance frictionless. With extensive familiarity with delivering excellent customer experiences, Artificial provides the platform through which customers can purchase, manage and make a claim on their insurance policy. Their solution is fully white labelled and delivers a seamless customer experience, enabling the core brand to retain the customer relationship, data and experience.

For more information and to discuss the benefits we could bring your organisation, please contact Rob Liley (rob.liley@capita.co.uk)


** Data points quantified during roll out with Aon Affinity and London Market Players.

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