Optimising the customer journey

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. In a digital marketplace, Capita’s deep understanding of consumer interactions is more important than ever in creating a successful customer journey. That’s why we’re re-shaping the customer experience using a range of proactive systems in order to better understand customer needs and identify drivers of satisfaction. Above all, we recognise there is no one size fits all solution – if an approach doesn’t exist, we’re committed to finding it.

Optimising the customer journey

Fully understanding a customer’s journey is the first step to making that journey better and easier. You need to know how your customers will interact with you when they join, use, leave and complain about you. We consider the journey holistically and help you transform your customers' experiences.

Developing the optimal journey for your customer

We can bucket the strategy for each journey into instructions (changes of something, an address for example), explanations (why have I been charged £20?) and conversations (I want to ensure my pension will meet my retirement plans). Suitable channels need to be chosen for each journey to deal. This includes multiple channels to make allowance for customer preferences, physical constraints (I’m in the car and can’t do webchat or I’m at work and can’t call) and cost to serve. Here at Capita we’re using a bespoke set of smart analytical tools and methodologies to build a unique customer journey map - an atlas of their needs, their interactions, what drives their satisfaction and ‘feelgood’ factors. What's more with over 100 million customer conversations and interactions a year, we know what an optimal journey looks like.


Understanding the Effort and Emotion your customers go through

Effort and emotion are crucial in the analytic approach Capita takes. Capturing them exposes not only the ‘instants of anxiety’ for your customers (the stages in their journey that require extra and unnecessary work from them), but also the moments that create genuine satisfaction and delight, and enhance their view of your brand, products and services. We think our call centre agents know a thing or two about how to make customers happy, so we asked them! Click here to watch their video.


Re-designing your customers' experiences

All the feedback in the world from understanding those journeys won’t help unless the insights it delivers are actionable. And that’s where we excel. Our Customer-Centred Service Design ensures both customer needs and business requirements feed through into your eventual service outcomes - along with the feedback we’ve gathered, so that improvements become thoroughly embedded in your day-to-day activities.

We believe a truly elegant and engaging customer journey can be judged on its success in three fields:

Must Haves – can it get the essential hygiene factors right every time?

Wants – does it create a positive experience that drives brand appeal and advocacy?

Wows – will it delight your customers with extras they didn’t even know they wanted until a great journey reveals them?

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