Amazon Connect

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. In a digital marketplace, Capita’s deep understanding of consumer interactions is more important than ever in creating a successful customer journey. That’s why we’re re-shaping the customer experience using a range of proactive systems in order to better understand customer needs and identify drivers of satisfaction. Above all, we recognise there is no one size fits all solution – if an approach doesn’t exist, we’re committed to finding it.

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based contact centre platform.  It has been built on their experience of running global contact centre operations for over 10 years supporting over 70,000 agents, across millions of customers and dozens of languages.  As an AWS Certified Partner, we use the Connect platform to deliver an enhanced customer experience to our clients.

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Partner, we have designed, built, and now operate the Amazon Connect platform across several of our live client operations. As shown in the diagram below, we use the Connect platform to drive operational improvements, including enhanced data reporting, dynamic performance dashboards, and improved routing and agent flexibility. And as Connect runs on a ‘pay as you use’ model, there are no capital expenditure costs for the user.

We’ve implemented Connect into the heart of our operations, enabling:

  • Aspect Workforce Management

  • Secure Agent login via Active Directory integration

  • Secure card payments via integration into our Pay360 gateway

  • Call recording of all customer interactions

Thanks to these features, we are able to rapidly configure both new and existing businesses into this new architecture to drive operational and business benefits.

Among others, Amazon Connect allows us to more easily deliver the following customer experience improvements:

  • Use analytics and sentiment analysis from customer interactions to gain insight into Voice of the Customer;

  • Enhance customer satisfaction scores through the use of technology to drive up first contact resolution levels and the ability to self-serve;

  • Deliver data analytics on all customer contacts, including reason for contact, customer sentiment, and business outcomes;

  • Integration into customer CRM, including screen pops and pre-loading the agent with contact information to reduce average handling time;

  • Drive contact deflection and an increase in self-service using conversational bots (built from the same technology as Amazon’s Alexa);

  • And deliver a wider ability to use this technology to drive chatbot usage in text-based interactions.

To find out more, read about how we’ve used the Amazon Connect platform to deliver improved operational flexibility to our TradeUK operation.


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