Why cultural diversity matters

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Capita Customer Management 13th July 2017 5 minute read

Why cultural diversity matters

Ricky Alfred, our Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, reflects on the importance of cultural diversity in business.

I’m a firm believer in how cultural diversity supports our sustainable development. Understanding what cultural diversity is and building it into how we work together – effectively, tolerantly and so on – is hugely important.

Innovation within a business comes from all directions, and being diverse – in all its forms – drives that. It helps us to build our strengths. In the world of customer service and running an outsourced contact centre environment, we need diversity to be able to match the diversity of our clients’ millions of customers.

Our culture influences what this generation chooses to teach the next generation, including what knowledge is valued, skills, ethics, languages and worldviews – and all this fits well with our work on Culture within the business.

Sustainable development requires intercultural understanding if we are to work together effectively, tolerating and accepting differences amongst cultural and ethnic groups (increasingly working with our International colleagues). There are strong links too to our Change/Lead the Way programmes, and our desire for sustainable growth of the business.

But, apart from anything else, exploring cultural diversity is just hugely interesting, revealing, entertaining and rewarding.

People can see it is different, they can see why we were doing it, and they recognise the value. We are a culturally diverse business, and people see that and appreciate it the more they move around.

Also when you talk about cultural diversity the immediate reaction is to think ‘International’ but there’s also great value in the differences we have more locally – across Scotland, Yorkshire, Lancashire and so on. Because we all live and work within a British culture, there was a keen interest in exploring that too - the phrases we all use and know and the differences we all celebrate. We’ll continue to look for colleagues who want to showcase their own cultural background for people to share.


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