Why Connect works - 7 benefits we've proved

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Capita Customer Management 12th July 2019 5 minute read

Why Connect works - 7 benefits we've proved

Capita has integrated the Amazon Connect platform for TradeUK – the credit account facility for trade retailers, operated by Kingfisher plc. Their 80-strong contact centre supports the full account lifecycle, and has traditionally used an alternative telephony switch to drive voice contacts to agents based on IVR selections, skills-based routing and availability.

We launched it at the end of 2018 as a pilot and moved to full production use from March 2019. This is what it proved…


1. You can successfully integrate Connect into a legacy telephony system with minimum disruption to the existing contact centre operation.

At TradeUK, Connect is now the core telephony platform controlling all incoming calls, queuing them for agents, while reporting on and managing agent profiles, statuses and system authorisation. A pilot group of 10 users was the first to try it. During the early weeks, the old and new systems ran side by side to ensure there would be no disruption and agents could swap back if there were problems. But ultimately there was no need. While integrating all TradeUK’s legacy technology did prove to be a longer task than setting agents up on Connect (which happened very quickly), the process ran into no major issues, and the transfer happened without any interruption to TradeUK’s contact centre services. Connect has now been successfully rolled out across all 80 of TradeUK’s front and back office staff, for a broad range of activities including new business, customer services, payments, fraud investigations and collections.


2. It delivers a better user experience for agents and more insight for team managers.

Teams found it to be a fast, efficient and intuitive platform. In particular, it improved how rapidly team managers could identify and listen to specific call recordings, giving them more immediate feedback on agent performance.


3. Operational reporting is enhanced and there’s greater visibility.

The Amazon Connect reporting dashboard is highly configurable and during the trial, TradeUK teams were able to customise the reporting output and extract greater detail than they had with the existing system. 


4. Connect delivers more flexibility and makes better use of agents’ time.

Operational managers were impressed with the additional flexibility and agility the system gave them. For example, in the Connect platform, call routing profiles are customisable, with the option to add a delay to an agent’s profile. This means agents can be set to take calls only after they have been queued for a certain amount of time. Agents with administrative duties are therefore only offered inbounded telephony when absolutely required. They get more time to focus on their key duties, and team managers waste less time organising this manually.


5. It’s an intuitive system that agents master quickly, with few changes in how they need work.

For example the platform uses agents’ existing login details against Capita’s Active Directory domain within Microsoft Azure. This means agents can reuse existing usernames and passwords and don’t have to remember additional login details.  Other than using a softphone based on their computer, rather than a traditional phone on their desk, agents can get straight on with their job with minimal readjustment.


6. Connect opens up more opportunities to analyse and understand customer intent.

All Connect calls are recorded and encrypted as standard. They can then be accessed and reviewed by team leaders via the Connect Portal. However, Connect also offers Transcribe and Comprehend capabilities that use AI to identify customer sentiment and the reason for contact, enabling organisations to get a faster and more detailed sense of their customers’ behaviours and expectations.

Both additional capabilities are now being tested in a continuing trial, as are...

  • Enhanced call handling including self-service, using Amazon Polly and LEX
  • Integration of the Connect platform into client applications including CLI lookups and CTI screen pops
  • Greater use of the Connect platform across existing operations and new business


7. We have a successful, repeatable platform and architecture that can now be rolled out to other clients with minimal risk.

Through our work on the TradeUK trial, Connect has now been fully integrated into our Aspect Workforce Management, our Active Directory for agent authentication, our Pay360 payments gateway, our Citrix platform for user access and a number of other key functions within the service Capita Customer Management offers.


That means we have a proven and repeatable model for helping clients move to Connect – a model that offers a faster and smoother route to its benefits, with less risk of disruption than a purely in-house adoption could.

Want to try smarter contact centre delivery for yourself? Request a demo with Capita and Amazon Connect at our Hub page.

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