To automate or not to automate?

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Kathryn Clarke 4th January 2016 3 minute read

To automate or not to automate?

To automate or not to automate - that is the question! I spend a lot of my time speaking to clients about driving the right customer experience and outcomes for their businesses.  A large proportion of what I do is helping clients create their contact strategies - where to deploy digital solutions and where to use a human touch.  More often than not I end up encouraging my clients to look at digital, self-service and automated solutions, which funnily enough drives out revenue from my business. This sounds counterintuitive, but is it?

An article in (“Nasscom-Everest Group Report says 30-40% of BPO/BPM works will be automated by 2025”, 2015) states that ‘Robotic Automation Processes’ (whatever they are when they’re at home) are gaining acceptance and causing the traditional offshore, arbitrage models to quake.  The threat of automation is sending shockwaves through traditional BPO industry.

Offshore Value

So if digital and automation is a threat to the offshoring model, why am I still encouraging clients to look at their options and deploy the right approach for their customers?  Shouldn’t I be nervous of or at the very least hesitant about what I am doing? No! I see this as an opportunity to challenge the status quo and to re-invent how and what we do offshore. We need to find ways to add value not simply drive out costs – to stop asking “what would you like us to do” and start saying “this is what we can do”.

The time is now to challenge our traditional arbitrage models and become more creative and proactive in what we do, to be seen as value-add partners and to become leaders in innovation.  We need to stop looking at ourselves as purely “cost savers” and start looking ourselves as sources of ingenuity and value. 

Automation and digital? Bring it on…We’re ready.

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