The MI Iceberg

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Capita Customer Management 9th January 2017 5 minute read

The MI Iceberg

Capita Customer Management’s MI (Management Information) service is one of the quiet giants behind the success of our contact centre operations. Analysing and processing a colossal amount of data, it executes an invaluable role in advising clients how we’re doing against our contractual obligations and keeping our own teams up to date – to the minute – with their performances.

Iceberg-like, a great deal of what MI does lies beneath the surface. Here’s a brief introduction to the complex world of our MI service…

The role

Ultimately MI has to do two things. Firstly, we have to make sure our clients are aware of how we are performing against our contracts. Secondly, in the operational world we have to let teams and their leaders know how they are doing against their KPIs and support in pulling levers to beat the target.


Putting it in the most basic terms, our clients will receive reports every day telling them how we are performing against their contacts (85 million a year!). But it’s also essential that the teams understand how they’re doing – and rapidly. If they’re not hitting their targets, they need to know as soon as possible so they can do something about it. Of course, there are always factors outside of our control, such as changing forecasts or new call types, and they can have a bearing on performance. But understanding the balance between these factors and what impact they will have is key to ensuring successful delivery and understanding back into our clients.


Of course, there are things about MI that aren’t appreciated in the outside world. There’s no such thing as free automation – you have to feed and water it. Half the effort goes into bringing the data in and getting it onto a platform that’s robust. This is essential, as MI is published to tight deadlines every minute of the day across all our clients. Yes, an MI contact centre operation could be run in Excel if you wanted, but it would need so many people, cost a fortune and would probably fall apart pretty quickly.

Everyone mentions buzz words and phrases such as Big Data, but at Capita Customer Management we live and breathe it. We use tools like Business objects and platforms like Oracle to support the millions of data points that get pushed through into meaningful reports for operational managers. We keep that toolkit fed and watered efficiently, and that’s why we run MI as such a low-cost based solution. This iceberg isn’t melting.

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