New research - The Heart of Artificial Intelligence

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Capita Customer Management 17th July 2018 5 minute read

New research – The Heart of Artificial Intelligence

We’re delighted to announce that Capita has sponsored a comprehensive research study undertaken by the Institute of Customer Service. ‘The Heart of Artificial Intelligence’, published today, looks at the relationship dynamic between humans and AI in the customer service industry.

The research looks to gather opinion from consumers, organisations, and employees within the customer service sector and gain valuable insight into perceptions of the use of AI technology – both in terms of how well adopted it is now, and the opportunities it will bring to our industry in the future.

With this research, the Institute of Customer Service set out to explore four key objectives:

  • Investigate how organisations are deploying artificial intelligence in a customer experience context
  • Assess customers’ current use of artificial intelligence and attitudes towards its wider implementation
  • Examine employees’ experience of artificial intelligence and their perceptions of how it effects both customer experience and their job role
  • Determine what organisations need to do in order to successfully deploy AI technology that strengthens customer satisfaction, now and in the future

‘The Heart of Artificial Intelligence’ is particularly valuable for Capita Customer Management. The success of our business is built on our ability to perfect the blend of people and technology in the customer experience solutions we deliver on behalf of our clients. The findings from this research evidence just how important it will be to continue to ensure that the industry benefits from blending the skills of the human with the advancing capability of technology.

Findings from ‘The Heart of Artificial Intelligence’ include:

  • Customers are excited by the potential of technology, but have reservations about how much trust can be placed in AI – 82% believe that organisations should make it transparent when an interaction is not with a human.
  • Almost half of customers would be put off from contacting an organisation if they had to speak to a chatbot first. However, 22.4% said that this would make no difference to their relationship with the organisation
  • Employees feel a mixture of fear and excitement around the potential for technology to support them in their role while also acting as a potential threat
  • 34% of employees say that AI has improved their job for the better, versus just 5.9% who believe that it has made their job worse
  • 2% of organisations are either already using or planning to implement AI technologies
  • Organisations will be challenged to develop future-proof skills in their agents whilst simultaneously embracing the need for new technology, and ensuring that AI is utilised appropriately and in a way that enhances the customer experience.

You can view the executive summary of ‘The Heart of Artificial Intelligence’ here.

If you would like to find out more about how Capita Customer Management can support you to act on the recommendations outlined in this research, please complete the form here and we will be in touch.

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