Moving at pace to support a Financial Services client

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Capita Customer Management 21st November 2018 5 minute read

Moving at pace to support a Financial Services client

In our September 2018 edition of Intelligence, ‘When Great People Do Great Things’, we celebrate the ways in which the actions of individuals have brought value to our clients and their end customers. One of these examples is when we helped a new Financial Services client to recruit, train and implement a dedicated complaints team within only a few weeks.

When a Financial Services business decided to tackle negative media perceptions of their industry, they identified that establishing a specialist complaints team would be the most effective way of demonstrating their commitment to strong customer service. This meant that they would need to recruit, train and deploy a brand new team in a very short space of time.

This is where Capita Customer Management came in. We have a dedicated business that specialises in case handling, remediation, and complaints management and resolution. With our help, the client was able to put a brand new complaints handling team in place little more than days after first contacting us – even though this was the first time they had ever worked with us.

The team at Capita Customer Management were initially recruited by the client in May for a team of 10 complaint handlers. However, immediately after the contract was agreed the client realised the requirement actually needed to be much bigger, in excess of 30 FTE. The requirement continued to grow, and by mid-July the team had on-boarded a team of 80 FTE across multiple workstreams and two client sites. The client now has access to Capita’s wider networks and a senior management skillset that is highly knowledgeable about the FS industry – meaning they are comfortably placed to tackle any future complaints resolution challenges that may arise.

Senior Operations Manager David Bonner explains how we were able to deliver this rapid response.

“Moving at speed in this field requires some different thinking. To begin with, the sheer visibility of the client’s issue set it apart from other remediation activities – it was very high profile. Our client required immediate action, flexibility and support in finding the people who could execute the correct level of skills sets. This was not something they could deliver themselves.

“To make the solution work we needed a coordinated approach, with all members of the team bringing their individual expertise together, ensuring all objectives were met. At the same time, each of our leads had to be clearing the path of obstacles.

“Through all this it was essential to ensure we had key leaders with backgrounds in previous Financial Services roles (which the team all did), and a flexible model for all types of staff to meet the client’s needs.

“Feedback from the client has been excellent so far, with results from our people demonstrating exactly what we can do. In fact, the client requested that some staff be made permanent due to how well they’ve performed. Within the complaints and fraud team we began receiving gold star calls very early on.

“There are also the net benefits that the partnership has brought to the client. In addition to being able to communicate positively to stakeholders, customers and the media, the client now also has access to our vast network of highly skilled individuals and recruitment partners. Their partnership with Capita will give them a greater ability to recruit and deliver rapidly across different geographical sites – as we have already demonstrated to them! This will enable them to respond quickly to any similar challenges in the future, ensuring that they continue to deliver customer service excellence and maintain customer loyalty.

“Going forward, our focus is on sustaining the performance and remaining poised for any future growth the client may need. Obviously we’ve encountered the usual challenges operationally, but overall the results have been excellent and the relationship has quickly developed to be highly effective and collaborative, which is really rewarding.”

To read a timeline of the project, see September 2018 edition of Intelligence at our Intelligence hub.

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