Raising your organisation’s Artificial IQ

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Capita Customer Management 2nd March 2017 3 minute read

Raising your organisation’s Artificial IQ

Can you strap a smart robot on top of a lumbering legacy system and expect it to squeeze out a better performance?

If Artificial Intelligence is advancing so rapidly, why do organisations remain wary of adopting it? Is cost cutting enough to justify automating parts of your business, or must there be a benefit for customers too if it’s really going to pay off? 

All these questions and plenty more were tackled at our Capita Innovation Breakfast on Tuesday, Feb 28th, high above London in the Walkie Talkie building. A panel of five AI, automation and robotics experts swapped insights with a roomful of specially invited clients, seeking to discover what these emerging technologies can do to transform and enhance their businesses models rather than disrupt them.

Why after years of promising so much had these technologies finally burst into the limelight?

Scalability and reliability, thought Anish Shah, head of Capita’s Robotic Process Automation division, with solutions that no longer fall over when the one person who understands them leaves the company. A massive boost in computing power that at last renders AI actually effective in business applications, said Chris McKibbin, Capita’s Future Solutions and Innovations Lead. Or maybe it’s just that our minds are acutely focused on the future of work – and the human workforce – and we have no choice but to take robots seriously, considered Catherine Howe, Capita’s expert on digital sociology. 

Perhaps organisations remain wary of AI because selling such technologies purely on the basis of cost saving has only served to make FDs sceptical, concluded Simon Hunt, Capita’s Director of Products and Solutions. They’ve seen too many such rosy promises fail to deliver in the past. For AI, automation or robotics to truly work for a business there have to be benefits beyond just saving money. Benefits to customers.

And is bolting a super smart AI on top of a struggling legacy system really a feasible fix? No more than putting a new chauffeur in an old car and expecting it to go faster.

So despite the enormous potential of these technologies, the investment and time required to bring that promise to fruition is significant. Fortunately, these are areas where Capita’s teams have equally significant knowledge and hard won practical experience to help clients make it work, first time, with low risk.

The event concluded with a workshop where attendees broke up into groups, each with a panel member to help, and explored issues that had particular relevance for their own organisations. 

And artificial or otherwise, there must have been some humming intelligence in the room. What if Amazon or Google offered a voice interactive bridge to contact centres using their Alexa and Google Assistant technology, wondered the room.

Later that day Amazon confirmed a launch date for plans to do exactly that.

So, if you want to get in with the future thinkers for our next Innovation Breakfast, contact Jo Knight at Capita on jo.knight@capita.co.uk or 07710 384705

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