Partnering for success, from the front line

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Capita Customer Management 10th August 2018 5 minute read

Partnering for success, from the front line

Our contact centre agents are out on the front line of the Capita operation as the first point of contact for our clients’ customers, representing some of the UK’s most major brands. In this article, we hear from some of those who devote themselves to providing stellar customer service on behalf of our clients every day.

Karyn Mell, customer service advisor, Tesco Mobile

"As brand representatives, it’s crucial that we deliver customer satisfaction, a high NPS and strong customer feedback. It may sound like a difficult job to some people, but personally I love it. I enjoy talking with our customers, building relationships with them and getting to hear so many different stories and circumstances. It’s also really rewarding to know that you can make a customer’s day just through a small joke or kind gesture.

"When I think of ‘partnership’, I think of the end result – our satisfied customers. Tesco Mobile customers come away feeling happy and confident after speaking to our care advisors and committed colleagues – and the reason we’re able to provide such a strong service is because we’re proud to be part of a successful partnership."

Lisa Page, customer service advisor, M&S

"I’ve worked on Capita’s M&S operation for 3 years now, but I’ve always felt more like I work for M&S itself. Everyone on the unit is really proud to represent such a famous British brand, and thanks to us providing the best possible customer experience M&S is able to maintain its reputation for reliable, high-quality service. By far the best part of the job for me is helping customers to resolve their issues – it’s great to know that I’m making people happy through their work.

"I define ‘partnership’ as what I see when I look at the relationship between Capita and M&S – it’s when two organisations work together to provide an excellent service."

Kayleigh Jones, customer care advisor, Tesco Mobile

"The Tesco Mobile brand represents a number of things, but most importantly it means delivering a world-class customer experience. This is something I strive for in every interaction, whether it’s as simple as just building a rapport with the customer, or by giving them valuable advice about the best possible deal they can get. The brand is also very family-oriented, which is something that we carry over into the working environment – we support each other like a family, and work hard to ensure that customers go away feeling valued, appreciated and supported.

"To me, partnership means working together as a team and bringing out the best in one another. This is something the Tesco Mobile family does really well. Across the unit we all support each other and work as equals, whether you’re an advisor, a team leader, or a manager. We depend on, trust, and value one another."

Katie Cuming, team manager, Tesco Mobile

"I have to ensure that my team delivers a great service on behalf of Tesco Mobile, and that any decisions I make are based on the client’s best interests. And it’s been paying off – we’ve just found out that Tesco Mobile was ranked the country’s top telecommunications provider in the 2018 UK Customer Satisfaction Index.

"There’s a great sense of job satisfaction that comes from supporting my colleagues and working as a team. The family feel of the Tesco Mobile unit makes me feel so valued and motivates me to work harder on a daily basis.

"And partnership is all about collaboration and working together. You have to ensure effective relationship management, and above all put the client at the centre of your organisation."

Kayleigh Burns, customer service advisor, M&S

"I’m proud to work on the M&S unit – it’s a classic British brand with a reputation for great quality. This pride makes it even easier to work to give the customer a seamless experience. The role really suits me as I enjoy helping people, and you get a great sense of satisfaction when you solve a customer’s problem.

"For me, partnership is about being able to collaborate and rely on one another to achieve a mutual goal. This is what we do every day in the contact centre – we help and support one another to do the best job we can."

Emma Webster, customer service advisor, Tesco Mobile

"It’s our job to ensure that Tesco Mobile customers are getting value for money – if it’s possible for them to get what they require at a fraction of the cost, then I’ll make sure they get it. We also make sure to give them as streamlined a customer experience as possible, offering help with their devices as well as just sorting out their bills and tariffs. This means we can fix the customer’s issues in just one call, rather than having to transfer them around the business. It gives our service a whole new level of awesome!

"Partnership means working together, and that’s what I love about working on Tesco Mobile. No matter what, the team is always there to help each other out and boost morale. Our management team are like our peer group, and the senior leaders are also extremely approachable – you don’t get that in many workplaces! There’s great collaboration between departments – we’re only a quick walk away from the sales team, or an instant message away from the duty managers. Our business works because we work together."

To learn more about our partnerships, and how two organisations can successfully work together, check out our June 2018 edition of Intelligence, available on our Intelligence Hub page.


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