Operation Peak!

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Capita Customer Management 4th May 2017 3 minute read

Operation Peak!

In this month’s edition of our Intelligence Report, Capita Customer Management’s Transformation Director Chris Ronaldson talks about what it takes to deliver Operational Excellence during Peak.

Peak is like Business As Usual… but turned up to 11. The emotions, risks and rewards are all intensified. The success of the Peak Trading period is critical to an organisation’s overall success. If they mess up Peak, it could wreck their entire annual plans. Operational excellence is essential.

Capita has invested huge effort into the perfection of Peak, and all the elements of operational excellence required to make it work. The sheer amount of experience we have gives us a major advantage. In any year we typically ramp up by two to three thousand additional members of staff, in some cases more than doubling the size of the operation from its normal scale.

Our experience runs all the way from recruitment and onboarding, through workforce planning and operations management, to creating and equipping the physical space and infrastructure and making sure there are enough seats, the telephony and IT are right, and there’s enough expert support to get it working.

In each of these areas we have skilled, experienced people we use time and again, and they’re well used to the intricacies in those workstreams and disciplines.

All of that has helped us distil out the following success factors that make for a great Peak:

  • Get the numbers and the plan right, developed in partnership by Capita and the client
  • Be realistic about your assumptions
  • Start recruitment early
  • Have a well-practiced onboarding process
  • Have the right numbers and quality of trainers to support your new people

If you get these factors right then you’ll be well on the road to achieving operational excellence during Peak!

To read the full interview with Chris in this month’s Intelligence Report, check out the May 2017 edition of Intelligence at our Intelligence report hub here.

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