Offshoring: A tale of two halves, part two

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Kathryn Clarke 25th May 2016 3 minute read

Offshoring: A tale of two halves, part two

As I land in Mumbai and enter the new International terminal, I can’t help but think about the recent articles foretelling the end to off-shoring and slowing of India’s economy. I am surrounded by foreign nationals landing to meet with their Indian counterparts or suppliers, full of stories of growth and opportunity. I do not meet anyone on this trip who is visiting to close an operation and pull it back onshore.  Though I know this is happening, particularly with UK companies looking to reclaim public favour and pull voice operations back onshore, I still see growth and opportunity within India’s offshore industry. And I have to question whether the drive to pull voice back onshore is a failure of India BPOs to deliver the right service or a product of our increasing insular views of globalisation and in some cases, UK Businesses’ failure to empower their Indian suppliers to deliver the right service.

In my experience working with my India team, they bring an enthusiasm and passion for their work and Brands that I rarely see in the UK.  Given the right level of trust and empowerment, they are just as (and in most cases more) capable of delivering a great service then their onshore counterparts.  I admit my team is not a customer service or voice operation, but they play a key role in developing and trading some of the top UK retailer’s web sites, not only mastering the processes but really driving value by helping these retailers to trade their sites harder.

India has one of the most progressive e-commerce markets on the planet, so it is only natural that they are leading the way in how customers shop and behave online.  We at Capita India are leveraging this experience and channelling it towards what we do for our clients.  It’s no longer about asking our operations in India to support a process and work within the confined boundaries of those processes, but actually empowering them to take the lead on shaping the service and driving its development roadmap with the Client.

After 10 very busy days, I am leaving the team here in India having been infected by their enthusiasm and with a sense of ease that my clients, our clients are being well taken care of. As always, I am looking forward to going home but equally can’t wait to come back. 

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