Looking at data through 3D glasses

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Alan Linter 22nd December 2016 3 minute read

Looking at data through 3D glasses

3D Insight is Capita’s take on the next step in Big Data analysis. It’s a methodology specifically shaped for clients who need ever-deeper insights into their customers, how they behave, and the products they buy.

“It’s not just a tool or a process, it’s about the way we assimilate data and what we can do with it,” explains Capita Insight, Analytics and Improvement Director, Alan Linter. 

3D Insight - as the name might imply - is supported by three separate streams of information:

•  customer contacts
•  customer data itself (an order, an account, a bill)
•  and importantly, data shared by a client from its own CRMs and systems, enabling Capita’s Insight and Analytics team to study the events or triggers that instigated those contacts

“Once all that data is stitched together we can segment it in as many dimensions as we want and begin to do really interesting things with it,” says Alan. “That could be looking at customers by profitability or cost, at processes, at channels, at product holdings and more. It can generate a huge amount of insight to drive business improvements.Those improvements could be around efficiency, ie driving cost out of the contact centre. They could be around effectiveness with better outcomes such as simply selling more or collecting more cash. Or they could focus on improving the customer experience by making it more effortless. For clients it means we can bring them some incredibly powerful insights for not much more effort than simply sharing their data with us.

One dimensional analysis will tell you how many customers are ringing in about a product. In two dimensions you’ll learn something about the customer themselves, such as where they live. But in three dimensions, when that shared data reveals all the orders a client taken, “then it gets really interesting,” says Alan. 

“A three dimensional view can tell you whether some products or customers are truly as profitable as you think. It can give you gross sale and net margin figures to an accuracy historically unachievable. We can tell you how many people are ringing about this one product compared to all the others. We can tell you how many people buying it are ringing the contact centre about it. If that number is high, it implies you’ve got a systemic failure going on. In fact we can write a business case that essentially says there’s £10 million worth of cost associated with this process, it’s broken, this is why... and here’s how to fix it.”

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