International Women’s Day 2019: spotlight on Capita India

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Capita Customer Management 8th March 2019 3 minute read

International Women’s Day 2019: spotlight on Capita India

The theme of International Women’s Day 2019 is ‘Balance for Better’ – driving gender balance to create a better working world. Here we highlight one of our primary off-shore locations, Capita India, and their mission to support women and ensure they are represented throughout the workplace.

In 2017 Capita India was named one of the top 100 Best Companies for Women in India, an initiative run by Working Mother and AVTAR. This index has a long history in the US and was launched in India in 2016.

The rankings consider a wide range of factors that make a company a good place for women to work, including:

  • Safety and security
  • Flexible working policies
  • Women’s recruitment, retention and advancement
  • Company culture and management accountability
  • Parental leave
  • Benefits and work-life initiatives

With women making up 36% of the Capita India workforce, the judges highlighted the business’ approach to safety in particular, including arranging transport for all employees whose shifts end between 8pm and 8am, security escorts for cabs with female travellers, and a system to confirm that colleagues have got home safely.

Regarding Capita India’s recognition, HR Associate Director Hemal Verma said, “Women are an important part of our Capita workforce, despite them making up far less of the working population in India as a whole. We know how important their contribution can be and we are determined to create a culture and business where both women and men can reach their full potential.

“The Best Companies for Women in India index allows us to benchmark our efforts against many other large organisations and to learn from the best practice of others. But this is not an exercise in achieving a good ranking for the sake of it; it’s important that we shape Capita India to be more successful and resilient, and women have a crucial role to play in that.”

Having identified new initiatives to work on, Capita India intends to enter the index again next year. Their 2020 entry will highlight a range of new policies, including a flexible working policy for managers and leaders.

Find out more about our offshore locations here. More information about International Women’s Day 2019 can be found at the official website.

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