Increasing customer satisfaction by using gamification

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Dave Beetham 15th February 2016 3 minute read

Increasing customer satisfaction by using gamification

Do you want to increase profit, drive employee motivation and increase customer satisfaction? Then Gamification could be your next move. 

Capita Customer Management have been successfully utilising Gamification - the concept which applies game-like thinking and strategy in everyday settings – for a number of years. The simple tool evokes competition, achievement and status by the user who starts to see their daily task as more of a game than a responsibility. The outcome for the client is customer satisfaction, resulting overall in customer loyalty. 

Great customer service and client satisfaction is a primary aim, which is why our advisers have always engaged in post-call surveys to gauge quality. Always looking to be innovative and wanting to close the feedback gap between the customer and the agent, our in-house quality team developed a gamification tool - a platform to present the feedback survey data via a web app. Here, agents (customer advisers) were able to see their own customer service score and their rank amongst agent peers. With agents able to see each other’s scores, competition and motivation became organic, with leagues created for top agents, best departments and greatest team. With a desire to ‘game’ against each other, agents felt empowered to deliver improved quality of service and the feedback loop was narrowed.

Taking Gamification to the next level, the quality team started to build dedicated games for client campaigns. We launched ‘Call of Quality’, a parody on the famous shooting computer game ‘Call of Duty’ for a private utility client. Customer advisers, paired-up by the system, challenged each other to a five-survey contest of customer quality scores. The game was built in a week - with three developers working all hours to get it ready. Participation was over 95% and many users asked to continue playing after the game had expired. Most importantly, quality scores increased..  

All Capita’s gamification activity has strict criteria for success; it must improve an agent’s customer service scores. With a 95% participation rate and an increase in quality of service by agents to date, we will continue to use gamification for future client activity. 

Did you know?

  • Gamification techniques strive to leverage people's natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure.
  • A core gamification strategy is rewards for players who accomplish desired tasks. Types of rewards include points, achievement badges or levels, the filling of a progress bar, and providing the user with virtual currency.
  • Competition is another element of games that can be used in gamification. Making the rewards for accomplishing tasks visible to other players or providing leader boards are ways of encouraging players to compete.
  • Another approach to gamification is to make existing tasks feel more like games.

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