If you’re not already planning for Peak…

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Capita Customer Management 15th May 2017 3 minute read

If you’re not already planning for Peak... (Part 2)

You’re taking a risk. Christmas may seem a long way off (just over 30 weeks if you’re counting) but businesses with an end-of-year Peak to prepare for will already be making their plans to ramp up, calculating how many additional advisors they need to deal with the surge in customer enquiries. And if they’re not already thinking about it, they’re taking a massive gamble with perhaps their most critical trading period of the year. A bad Peak can sabotage a year’s worth of financial targets.

For many Capita Customer Management clients the planning is now well underway, and spring is a key time to get the fundamentals into place.

So as Peak preparation starts to heat up, we ask three Capita experts what the secrets are to getting it right. Today it’s Lesley Gregory, Capita Customer Management Recruitment Director.


I think it can be easy to forget this is a people service. While the people who come in as additional advisors during Peak may be temporary employees, they deserve consideration and recognition. We should do as much as we can to make the experience positive for them. They are the ones delivering on our behalf. They are a valuable part of a client’s extended workforce and it’s right to remember that.

I do think what makes Capita good at this is having great teams and people who are prepared to go the extra mile.

Also it’s about shared responsibility. When someone you’re working with is flat out and looking in the other direction, are you sharp and smart enough to catch the ball they were about to drop? Can you keep it in the air long enough for them to recover and get back to it… without criticism?

Our people have that mentality. To know that your expertise is not the only one that counts; everybody is important and we all hold each other up. We’re good at that.

Supportive collaboration among all the different teams is critical – lots of open communication, lots of recognition of what the risk might be, then working collectively to mitigate them. Without that, some of the most important processes can easily become blocked.

Peak is always stressful and there’s a lot to get off the ground in a short space of time. The experience of running business as usual, then seeing what happens when it’s expanded into a larger scale and condensed into a smaller time frame all at once…that’s invaluable. Being used to handling that, and knowing how to respond to spontaneous client requirements, builds expertise you just can’t get any other way.

To read more about how Capita Customer Management can help you achieve operational excellence for Peak, check out the May 2017 edition of Intelligence at our Intelligence report hub here.

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