A world of great people – Capita South Africa

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Capita Customer Management 27th November 2018 3 minute read

A world of great people – Capita South Africa

In our September 2018 edition of Intelligence, we took a look at each of our offshore locations and the excellent service they provide on behalf of our clients. Capita South Africa is the youngest of our offshore locations, delighting clients since 2012 with the warmth, empathy and eagerness of its people.

Capita South Africa was established in 2012, and is the newest of Capita Customer Management’s offshore locations. Despite this, it has grown rapidly since and now boasts a talented workforce of nearly 3000 FTE. To Country Director Franco Cotumaccio, the relative youth of the business presents a competitive advantage. “As a new BPO location we continue to be nimble, which allows us to move quickly and do a lot in a short period of time,” he explains. “We have instilled in our people a ‘now is the time’ mentality to realise the growth that the business is undergoing.”

This mentality is clearly paying off, and the business is booming – Capita South Africa has gone live with four new clients in the latter half of 2018 alone, representing a nearly 50% increase in existing client count. What’s more, the business has the lowest attrition rates in the region, and the South Africa unit is ranked in the top three for employee satisfaction across all of Customer Management.

The location is a platform for Capita to not only land new clients, but to grow existing ones – Customer Management has expanded its services for a number of clients to include operations in South Africa. The region has become known in the BPO market for the warmth, friendliness and empathy of its contact centre agents, making offshoring customer services there an attractive proposition for UK businesses.

It’s the collective abilities and enthusiasm of the Capita South Africa workforce that will enable the business to take its next big step – moving towards a complex multichannel digital offering. “There will always be a requirement for voice, but if we focus solely on delivering a transactional voice channel, we will lose market share,” says managing Director Noel Carbutt. “Our unique selling point in the future – and what our people will enable – is to be a centre for voice, but one that interacts and integrates perfectly with a digitally enabled customer service environment.

“Something we’ve brought to life for our clients is integrating voice and web chat, for example. We can shift our amazing people from a digital communication into a voice communication, and do it keeping the same warmth and empathy. Our people have become skilled at moving from the written to the spoken, but keeping the same tone and conversation.”

This ability is no mean feat, and speaks to the dedication and eagerness to achieve results of Capita South Africa’s people. This combined with a positive values-led working environment has enabled a workforce that is driven to learn new skills, which in turn opens up the business to be able to offer new channels to clients.

“Our people are always eager to try new things, to acquire new skills, to be brave, says Noel. “It’s why we are also very good at pilot schemes. Our teams make them work, we deliver and help our clients grow – and we land the contract.”

Read the full article about Capita South Africa in our September 2018 edition of Intelligence –  find it at our Intelligence hub here.

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