From valuing the potential of youth, to supporting the fortitude of age

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Capita Customer Management 8th June 2017 3 minute read

From valuing the potential of youth, to supporting the fortitude of age

Ricky Alfred, Capita Customer Management’s head of Corporate Social Responsibility, talks about what drew Capita to support the Alzheimer’s Society as its new charity partner.

This spring saw Capita’s charity partnership with the Prince’s Trust come to an end – a hugely successful three-year collaboration that’s supported the Trust in its life-changing work with vulnerable young people.

But it also marked a fresh chapter in Capita’s support of important, transformative charities as we launched our new collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Society – a partnership with its eyes set on raising £250,000 in its first year alone.

Over the course of the two-year partnership Capita will be aiming to raise a total of £500,000, help 50% of colleagues become Dementia Friends, support innovation in dementia research and initiatives, and become a dementia-friendly business.

Making the choice

How did we decide on the Alzheimer’s Society? Well our partnership with the Prince’s Trust was extremely successful. It resonated well with everyone at Capita, and we wanted that to happen again.

There was a shortlist of charities we could support, which went out to an employee vote, and it was the weight of their views that shaped the partner we went with.

I think with the Alzheimer’s Society there was an overwhelming sense that if Alzheimer’s or Dementia hadn’t touched you or your family yet, then at some point in life it will.

The work we want to do

We’ve set ourselves some very ambitious targets – including 50% of our colleagues to sign up to become Dementia Friends. It’s a way for individuals to become more aware of what dementia is, to be more appreciative of the challenges it brings and to get personally involved in supporting someone. And we’d welcome some of our colleagues becoming Dementia Champions as well, which involves learning more about the programme and helping to recruit Dementia Friends.

One of the central themes of Change the Way, our own cultural change programme, is about helping our people to bring their skills such as empathy, understanding and relationship building to projects like these. They absolutely fit with what the Alzheimer’s Society is trying to do. Those listening and understanding skills are so important.

There’s a pattern of us fostering projects where the personal values of our people and the core values of our business come together on something we are all passionate about.

This is one of those, and I think it will be a fantastic success.

The two key programmes Capita will be supporting for the Alzheimer’s Society are:

The Innovation Fund

Alzheimer’s Society staff and volunteers can apply for the funding of innovative ideas to address the unmet needs of people living with dementia. The Society is now rolling out some of these ideas and Capita’s role will be to help scale them up for greater impact.  We’ll be focusing on areas where our experience can make the biggest difference - using our resources, knowledge and talents as transformational change makers to help dementia sufferers.

Side by Side

A groundbreaking befriending project that aims to reduce social isolation by matching people with dementia to volunteers with similar interests. It allows people living with dementia to spend time doing things they enjoy, while giving their carers some much-needed respite.

Read more about our partnership with The Alzheimer's Society, and other stories from across the business in the June 2017 newsletter, found at our Intelligence report hub here.


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