Event data – engaging with your customers at the right time

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James Ratcliffe 20th July 2017 2 minute read

Event data – engaging with your customers at the right time

How can ‘life event’ data be used to take the customer experience to the next level? This question is tackled in an upcoming series of webinars ran by GBG and featuring an expert panel, including Voice Group’s Director of Strategy James Ratcliffe. Below, James introduces the topic of ‘event driven marketing’ (EDM) and teases the panel discussion.

Event-driven marketing (also known as trigger or event initiated marketing) is a process in which key events in the customer and business lifecycle are identified. When one of these events occurs, a customer-specific activity is undertaken to try and drive the desired outcome. Typically this response is initiated through contact centre, web, email, or direct mail channels, depending on what suits the customer.

The upcoming webinar series looks at the rising importance of EDM for both businesses and consumers, and how the next 18 months is likely to see a boom in the use of EDM resulting in a large revenue increase from the subsequent improved response and success rates.

The panel discusses how in return for sharing their personal data, consumers now expect a more intelligent and timely approach to engagement, as well as a personalised service. In some instances, businesses need to be aware of the customer’s needs even before the customer is!

We also identify distinct types of events and triggers, and consider how these can be classified into internal, external, and actual events. We give examples of specific events, from very basic calendar occasions through to complex multiple internal events, and discuss how they have driven a number of multi-channel engagement actions. The panel also talks about the common pitfalls we have experienced across our different roles.

Correct planning and execution of EDM is essential for successful programmes. Capita Customer Management sees the value in EDM, and we already use it within our contact centre operations and for acquisition activity, both within the contact centre and digitally across multiple sectors. We strive to lead the way for further innovation and development of EDM, both for the acquisition of new customers and for the engagement and development of existing customer management programmes.


Want to learn more, including how businesses are using life event data to achieve up to 20 times better engagement rates? Click here and register for one of the pre-recorded interviews, broadcast on 24th July, 26th July and 2nd August.


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