The Digital Retail Pioneers Panning for CX Gold

How can investing in digital space enhance the customer experience? Let’s find out…

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Capita Customer Management 21st March 2017 3 minute read

The Digital Retail Pioneers Panning for CX Gold

We keep hearing about an ‘integrated customer experience’ and how shoppers are becoming digitally-savvy with higher expectations of service. Well, retailers are listening. Across multiple sectors, they are creating digital footprints that now seamlessly incorporate the online experience.

In fact the investment in digital is clear to see; the ease with which a customer can browse and research a product or service has improved significantly over recent years. Yet we know customers still require customer service. That need to interact with another human being to help with an enquiry is where, in this digital age, retailers cannot take their eye off the ball.

Many retailers have recognised this by integrating the digital customer experience into their physical stores. Dixons Carphone have demonstrated their commitment to digital by installing immersive ‘vision areas’ into their stores to showcase the latest TV sets, along with 4k imaging walls where customers can try out and compare digital cameras. The chain also introduced ‘smart’ watches that allow staff to check stock levels without even leaving the shop floor.

Another example of this is John Lewis’s decision to add digital loyalty cards and store receipts onto its mobile app. Noticing that customers often took time fumbling for their loyalty cards at the till, or forgot to bring receipts when returning items, the department store introduced the feature with the intention to reduce queueing time and improve the customer experience. Both Dixons Carphone and John Lewis have been recognised for these innovative measures – Retail Week named them Digital Pioneer of the Year and Customer Technology Innovation of the Year, respectively.

However, this investment in front-line digital cannot be at the expense of what we may now call ‘second-line’ support in contact centres. The ease of linking from an Instagram image, to ordering the product on the retailer’s website, will all be undermined by poor, unimaginative and uninformed service when that customer calls to resolve a problem.

It’s not just the technology, or the expectation that an advisor already knows the journey the customer has been on. It’s also about the interaction and type of service they receive.

At Capita Customer Management, we are working on that concept, creating an effortless customer service experience backed by ambassadors who can accurately reflect the ambitions of the brand. It’s about truly partnering with a client so that the integrated experience is properly translated, regardless of channel.

Retailers are doing some great work in the digital space, spearheading the true meaning of an integrated shopping experience. But continuing to listen and learn, and both investing in and re-engineering the support element of the journey, is going to be critical. 

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