Customer Service: the State of the Nation

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Capita Customer Management 1st February 2017 3 minute read

Customer Service: the State of the Nation

Customers are having to work harder to build a relationship with organisations, and they’re running into more problems… yet they’re actually happier than they have been for three years.

When those customers are at their most emotive state about a brand, it’s often social media they opt for to voice their feelings. Yet the response times from even major players to this vital ‘moment of truth’ can range from five minutes… to three hours.

It’s a puzzle.

Customer service in the UK is at a fascinating stage of its development. The more accomplished we become at it, the more idiosyncrasies it seems to throw up. The harder we work to master social, the faster the Twitterverse seems to shift beneath us.

It was to explore these questions, and take a snapshot of the State of the Nation in Customer Service, that Capita Customer Management hosted a dedicated webinar on Friday January 27.

Gathered under one digital roof were Brian Weston of the Institute of Customer Service, revealing the findings of the institute’s latest Customer Satisfaction Index, Capita’s Alan Linter digging into analysis of 2.8 million customer interactions to determine which way social is pointing, and Sally Earnshaw of Blue Sky pondering the human place in an increasingly online and AI driven industry.

And the results?

Yes there are consistent, need-to-know trends in how UK customers are engaging with their favourite brands, and a burgeoning body of proof that great service drives bigger profits. (Just a point or two below average could cost retailers 7% in annual growth.)

Yes it is possible to divine a best practice in social media and learn from what the top organisations are doing well. (Banking, you need to check this one out, apparently.)

And yes, humans do still count. The top four differentiators for high scoring organisations are all human factors. The job is to identify the ones that make the rankings rise. (And BTW, polite and friendly is no longer enough.)

To see the full webinar, with presentations from Director of Research and Insight Brian Weston, Director of Insight, Improvement and Innovation Alan Linter, and MD Sally Earnshaw, click on the link below.

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