Celebrating our customer service heroes

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Capita Customer Management 5th October 2018 5 minute read

Celebrating our customer service heroes

It’s the final day of National Customer Service Week, and today’s theme is Recognition. At Capita Customer Management we are proud to work alongside so many customer service heroes, who go above and beyond to delight our clients’ customers every day. Today we’re going to highlight one of our stars, whose empathetic treatment of vulnerable customers has been held up as the gold standard by not only Capita but the client as well.

In September, Capita launched an employee recognition scheme encouraging colleagues to celebrate their local heroes – people who go the extra mile to help our clients to succeed. It’s a campaign our CEO Jon Lewis is passionate about, saying, “Capita’s success is built on the hard work, expertise and dedication of our people. We all have a part to play in recognising those who go above and beyond.” All colleagues from across the organisation are encouraged to nominate someone who’s made an exceptional contribution. Every month, a hero is selected from those nominated and is celebrated throughout the business.

One of the brilliant individuals nominated is Capita Customer Management’s own Owen Lewis, who has worked as a customer service advisor for one of our Financial Services clients for over four years. Owen’s recent handling of a call from a vulnerable customer led to him being held up as an example of excellence for all advisors working from the client.

When Owen received a call from a customer who had numerous potential support needs, he was sure to put the customer at ease, offer constant support, and made her aware of additional support services the bank had to offer. Needless to say, the client was very impressed - they’ve shared the call across their contact centre sites as a perfect example of how a call should be handled.

Owen’s line manager says, “With increasing focus from the client on supporting customers with potential vulnerabilities, Owen approached this call with exactly the right attitude. This is an excellent example of personal, professional and positive service to the end customer.

In Owen’s words

“When I heard that the client was using my call as an example to their other advisors I was surprised, but very flattered. It’s obviously nice to have someone say I’ve done a good job, but it’s also great to know that the call has been taken forward and used as an example of how to do things effectively. At the end of the day it means that more customers will come away having had their problems successfully and compassionately solved.

“When dealing with vulnerable customers, the approach I take is to treat it as sensitively as possible, being sure to get the information we need to assess whether it’s relevant to the case but not to pry unnecessarily. It’s a bit of a balancing act of asking the right questions without getting them to divulge sensitive information. The call can also be challenging if it’s regarding an ongoing situation, as it requires more delicacy. In this case, the customer had a few financial issues she was unsure about and was unsure whether she would be able to pay a future bill in time. I gave her numbers for independent financial advisors and people she could talk to before it became more of a problem.

“To me, great customer service means trying to do the right thing. It sounds cliché, but at the end of the day all you’re trying to accomplish is doing the right thing by the customer and giving them the right answers.”

To find out more about great people achieving great things in the customer service industry, read our latest edition of Intelligence here.

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