Creating value through agile partnerships

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James Hinchliffe 3rd July 2018 3 minute read

Creating value through agile partnerships

In our June 2018 edition of Intelligence, we interview James Hinchliffe, Managing Director of Capita’s Voice Group business. In the article, James discusses how agility and allowing clients to make a gradual move towards partnering has led to a new style of responsive partnership. 

Voice Group was acquired by Capita in 2015 and forms part of Capita Customer Management’s trading capability. The business specialises in outbound sales and retention, and in particular has a reputation for delivering short, tactical sales campaigns that offer a revenue boost to clients facing challenging sales situations. These campaigns, says James, offer a great entry point for clients to experience a partnership with Capita Customer Management, without having to sign up to an immediate long-term commitment.

“Seeing what a broader partnership could bring, without having to commit to it upfront for several years, works really well in today’s market,” states James. “I see this as an opportunity for clients to explore what wider capabilities we can deliver; we have varied propositions for achieving different objectives, and a partnership can develop steadily, in its own time.”

Clients typically come to Voice with what James describes as “immediate problems”, i.e. they may be struggling to achieve a certain volume of sales or retention growth in a short period of time. In response, Voice will rapidly set up a team in order to help the client meet their target. If successful, there is then the potential for growth and a longer term commitment – either solely with Voice or with the wider Capita business. James describes this process as “a very powerful and versatile way for clients to build a deeper relationship with Capita at a speed that suits them.”

James also discusses the importance of being an agile business in today’s market, saying that the ability to respond in real time to clients’ demands is an increasingly essential feature. “We operate in a world where any client may phone us and say ‘we need an additional 20 people in the next 48 hours. Can you do it?’ We have to be able to say yes, because if we don’t, one of our competitors will,” he says.

This agility needs to be present at every level of a business. Sales teams need to be able to react quickly to a competitive offer, for example, but they will get nowhere if IT and recruitment teams are not working at the same pace. James says, “In the past we’ve recruited up to 100 people in less than a week to get something up and running, and you can only do this if the idea of agility runs through your entire organisation and forms part of the culture.”

Read the full article from our June 2018 edition of Intelligence on our Intelligence hub page.

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