Connecting you to smarter contact centre delivery - 7 questions answered

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Capita Customer Management 12th July 2019 5 minute read

Connecting you to smarter contact centre delivery - 7 questions answered

Capita is working with Amazon Connect to bring our clients the best in cloud-based contact centre platforms - with SmartAgent capability and a leading omni-channel customer management experience. It’s a partnership that will mean more efficient, agile and flexible contact centres, and happier customers.

So how will this transform the contact centre industry?

1) What is it?

Amazon Connect is a powerful and agile cloud-based telephony platform. As a recognised Amazon Connect Consulting partner, Capita can implement this leading system into our contact centre operations for our clients. While other Cloud-based offerings exist, Connect has a considerable advantage. For the last 12 years Amazon has been perfecting the platform for its own business. It’s effectively ‘grown up’ supporting and driving the world’s largest and most successful retail operation - and one renowned for its customer service.

Capita is able to integrate this platform seamlessly for clients, and we can do it leveraging our expertise in customer management and offering a wider SmartAgent capability. This means our clients will maximise the benefits they get from Amazon Connect, from improved first time resolution and cost savings to better flexibility and customer experiences.  

2) What does it offer?

Amazon Connect with SmartAgent, delivered through Capita, is a full package. Importantly it includes multi-channel and self-serve capabilities that organisations do not get from a cloud-based contact platform alone.

Essentially, Amazon Connect is a voice-focused system that comes with all the standard telephony features including skills-based routing, call recording, real-time metrics, analytics and IVR. But Amazon’s development of the Alexa-powered Echo devices means Connect is also strong on speech recognition, artificial intelligence, chatbots and machine learning. Many other Amazon Web Services can plug into Connect, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, offering enormous capability for clients and a healthy degree of future proofing.

Combined with SmartAgent capability, clients can integrate additional multichannel contact into the platform and agents can have text-based interactions with customers via webchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, and more. SmartAgent can be set up to self-serve by linking the platform to back office systems, where it can carry out ‘data dips’ into CRMs and billing systems to deliver customers details to agents’ screens as conversations are happening.

3) What makes it different?

Firstly, there’s that broad eco-system that makes it so integrated and configurable. There are over 150 AWS services, many of which can be accessed by Connect, offering an enormous capability and potential to benefit from wider SmartAgent capabilities. Importantly Amazon Web Services, on which Connect is built, is an open platform, meaning third party offerings can also plug into it easily.

Secondly, Connect works on a pay as you go (PAYG) model, one that avoids the need to buy expensive licenses up front for your agent users. You simply consume it, by the minute, and pay accordingly. This gives clients extra flexibility around price and use. For example, it could be particularly handy when you need to ramp-up during peaks in contact demand or in a business disruption event

And using our proven experience in the practicalities of customer management, we can build the most effective customer journeys to help maximise revenue, improve first time resolution and create better customer experiences.

4) Why will it make life better for our customers?

Things can be done quicker. With automatic call routing, the user is speedily handed to the most appropriate agent. It’s also more intuitive and in tune with the way many customers want to interact. Using Amazon’s Alexa speech recognition technology means that multi-level IVRs (press 1 for this, press 2 for that) can be replaced with natural language interactions such as ‘tell us in a few words what you’d like to talk to us about today.’

Integration with a client’s back office systems to enable end-to-end transactions will also give customers more opportunities to self-serve. Though these solutions do already exist, they can be expensive and complicated to incorporate. With Amazon Connect and our SmartAgent capability, they come built in and just need configuring.

5) How does this help me as a client?

Managing peak events becomes easier and more cost effective. Capacity can be quickly scaled up, then just as rapidly scaled down, and with a PAYG model you only pay for what you use. Coping with disruption is simpler too, as calls can be rerouted to a wider agent base - including those working from home - and there are queue buster/ring back capabilities to save customers hanging on the call when traffic is high.

Because Connect is built on an open platform, you can easily plug existing capabilities into it, avoiding the potential time and cost associated with clashing legacy systems. Crucially, configuring it with SmartAgent opens up numerous new opportunities and benefits.

6) What about compliance?

Connect is already both PCI and GDPR compliant. The compliance levels are also such that they will be able to support advisors in the future when calls inevitably become more complex as self-serve increasingly takes out the simpler enquiries.

7) Will it help me drive revenue?

Yes, we believe so, largely because Connect comes with an advanced degree of voice and data analytics already on board. We can help you use that insight to understand your customers’ intent and sentiment better and work in the channels they prefer. Connect makes it easier to personalise contacts and deliver tailored interactions, as well as keeping customers or citizens up to date with the progress of their case via messages on the channel they’ve chosen. This heightened personalisation – which is today expected as standard by many customers – should both enhance satisfaction and create more revenue opportunities.

Want to try smarter contact centre delivery for yourself? Request a demo with Capita and Amazon Connect at our Hub page.

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