Celebrating National Customer Service Week – Day Two

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Capita Customer Management 3rd October 2017 3 minute read

Celebrating National Customer Service Week – Day Two

The theme for Day 2 of National Customer Service Week is ‘Rise to the Challenge’. How can we overcome obstacles to deliver a successful customer service? In this blog, Business Development Director Tracey Roberts considers the importance of efficient complaints handling and how customer service is imperative at any scale, large or small. We also celebrate more of our Customer Service Heroes!

“I’m fortunate enough to have two cafes located near my house. Though the coffee is much better at the first café, I always find myself going to the second café when I need a weekend caffeine hit. Why is this? Quite simply, the second café offers a much better customer experience – the staff are friendlier, service is more efficient, and with my loyalty card every tenth coffee is free!

“The above can be applied to a company ethos. Even if you’re offering the best product, people often care the same amount (if not more) about the experience. Take banks for instance, and PPI complaints (something that Capita has experience in handling on behalf of clients) – customers are less likely to leave a company that has made a mistake if the error is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Broadly speaking, people don’t like the effort of moving. Therefore, companies must take into consideration the importance of dealing with complaints effectively in order to retain their customers.

“This highlights the importance of the customer journey, and the excellent customer service that organisations have a responsibility to provide. This service, including effectively dealing with complaints, is the key to maintaining success. Through our Remediation Services business, we work in partnership with clients across a wide variety of sectors in order to help them deliver the customer experience with efficiency, speed, consistency and control. We’ve worked on over 2.5 million complaints and paid out £6bn in redress on our partners’ behalf. We have experienced first-hand the importance of efficient complaints resolution and seen how it has led to improved customer satisfaction for our partners.

“Whether it’s a speedy service at your favourite café or a problem at your bank, we at Capita know that customer service is imperative on every scale, large or small!”

You can find out more about Capita Remediation Services here. Below, we highlight three more of our brilliant frontline colleagues.

Our Customer Service Heroes

Our complaints-handling Heroes today are Lynsey Ann Weeks from our Life and Pensions business and Joan Linney from our Customer Management Durham operation.

Lynsey Ann demonstrated empathy and skill when she resolved an escalated complaint from a former customer’s bereaved spouse. Lynsey recognised that the caller was in vulnerable circumstances, reassured her that she would help her through the process, and talked her through each stage until the payment was made. Thanks to Lynsey’s sensitive handling of the situation, the complaint was withdrawn.

Joan recently spoke to an unhappy customer about an incorrect billing. After apologising profusely, offering a reduction and speaking calmly, the customer was completely turned around, and even wrote to the client’s CEO to call Joan a “superstar”!

An honourable mention also goes to Tom Marsden from the Customer Management Leeds team, who goes out of his way to ensure that the customer is happy and makes sure that they know they are his number one priority.

Thank you and congratulations to you all!

To find out more about National Customer Service Week, click here.

Be sure to check our blog every day this week to hear about more of our Customer Service Heroes!



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