Celebrating National Customer Service Week – Day Three

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Capita Customer Management 4th October 2017 3 minute read

Celebrating National Customer Service Week – Day Three

The theme for Day Three of National Customer Service Week is ‘Getting the Board on Board’ – how can we ensure that the importance of good customer service is understood at boardroom level? Today, we discuss our relationship with the Institute of Customer Service, who are ensuring that its members recognise the significance of the customer experience.

As we discussed in yesterday’s blog, quality of service can make or break the customer relationship. You can offer an outstanding product, but if the experience of interacting with your brand isn’t enjoyable then the customer may not return. However, getting organisations to recognise this can be a challenge. Boardrooms can have a tendency to see customer service as ‘soft and fluffy’, rather than a vital component of their business strategy.

Juxtaposed with this indifference is the increasing level of demand from customers. We are expecting more and more from our interactions with companies – we want transactions to be effortless and straightforward, but our relationship with the brand itself to be personalised and more complex.

Organisations need to understand the difference between the transactional and empathetic sides of customer service. The service should be a well-oiled machine, but the people providing it need to care and be genuine in their interactions. This rule applies no matter the channel – whether it’s in-store or via webchat.

At Capita, we recognise this need and aim to help our clients realise it for their own customers. Our ability to do this is further strengthened through our association with the Institute of Customer Service. The ICS are the industry standard-bearers – for 20 years they have supported companies in transforming the customer experience and spread awareness of the importance of effective service. They’re also the drivers behind the annual National Customer Service week campaign!

We are pleased to say that we have a member of the Capita family acting as a Vice President for the ICS. Nigel Purveur has worked in the outsourcing sector for 15 years, and is now the Managing Director of our Insurance Services business. He is an expert in change management, with a focus on people and customer service outcomes. In his role as VP, Nigel acts as a sounding board for any new initiatives and aids to advance the growth and profile of the ICS.

In the coming years, the brands who truly thrive will be the ones who really understand the experience that today’s customers want. At Capita we are proud to be members of an association that is working to improve customer service initiatives across the country, and who enables us to bring this insight to our own clients.

Our Customer Service Heroes

Today’s hero is so good that her excellence has been recognised by the client – congratulations Jenny Hollington from the Leeds team! Jenny’s empathetic approach to her customers was so effective that she was personally thanked by the client’s regional director.

An honourable mention also goes to Rob Nash from the Preston Brook operation, who has proved himself to be a valuable asset to both us and the client.

Congrats to both Rob and Jenny! 

To find out more about National Customer Service Week, click here.

Be sure to check our blog every day this week to hear about more of our Customer Service Heroes!



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