Celebrating National Customer Service Week – Day Four

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Capita Customer Management 5th October 2017 5 minute read

Celebrating National Customer Service Week – Day Four

Today’s #NCSW2017 theme is ‘Unlock your Potential’. This provides a chance for us to consider the importance of nurturing and growing our colleagues’ skills in order to deliver the ultimate customer experience. In today’s post we take a look at Capita Customer Management’s Change the Way programme, which was launched in 2016 to great success.

Eighteen months ago, Capita Customer Management launched Change the Way, a programme aimed at transforming our culture to create the best possible experience for our colleagues and ensure the experience our clients and their customers is also the best possible. The programme has involved a wealth of activity, right across the business, and has achieved some fantastic results. In honour of today’s #NCSW2017 theme, we thought we’d share some of the programme’s successes and plans for the future.

Research undertaken by the Institute of Customer Service has highlighted the powerful links between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. If your colleagues understand and connect with your organisation’s purpose, they will be more likely to communicate their enthusiasm and passion to the customer, leading to a more enjoyable experience. An added benefit of the Change the Way programme is our improved employee engagement scores, with more colleagues choosing to grow their careers with us – something that will ultimately help to improve the experience for our clients’ end customers.

To complement the programme we have also invested in a 2-day training programme, Lead the Way, for our frontline leaders giving them the tools to manage and coach their teams in the most engaging – and human – way. So far 611 Team Managers and Operations Managers have benefitted from the two-day training course and a wealth of supporting materials that they can access via an app (in addition to the usual take-away workbook).

On the horizon are brand new induction programmes for Team Managers, a further 2-day programme (‘Lead to Succeed’) building on the skills learned in Lead the Way, and an increase in the number of apprenticeship schemes we offer. We have also placed a big focus on improving the recruitment and joining experience for new colleagues and continue to improve this using feedback gained directly from our new team members at various stages of their first weeks with us.

In response to these results, Capita’s Executive Director for the Private Sector Services Division Mike Barnard said, “It’s great to see that we’re already making positive progress in many areas, but we know we’ve got more to do. Real, sustained change takes time, so we’re not resting on our laurels – we have lots more Change the Way activity coming up. However, it’s incumbent on all of us to take accountability for improving the business in our daily interactions.

“There’s no doubt that Change the Way will mean an improved experience for our colleagues, our clients’ end customers, and ultimately a better business!”

Our Customer Service Heroes

Our Customer Service Heroes today are people who have not only stepped up to the pedestal and took on more demanding roles, but continuously provide support and encouragement to their colleagues.

Firstly is Rick Ollier from our Preston Brook operation. After stepping up to a Team Manager role for peak, Rick then started managing the CRT team. He has faced numerous challenges but still keeps his team’s morale high. He flexes to each team member individually and brings such a positive energy to the workplace that colleagues from other teams approach him for help as well. Rick not only demonstrates his own potential, but also encourages that of his colleagues.

Our second hero is Deborah Laycock from the Dearne Valley team. Deborah has dedicated herself to training and developing her colleagues whilst still maintaining her own high standard of work, demonstrating that she is a true asset to the unit.

Last but not least is Gemma Ford from our Employee Benefits business. Gemma has consistently shown a proactive and positive approach to her role, with her dedication being recognised by her team leader and the client. She is said to have “gone above and beyond in her ingenious search for improvements”.

Another honourable mention goes to Shamaila Ansar from our Bury operation. Shamaila recently joined the team but is already excelling – her manager says “she has displayed a fantastic can do attitude, she is truly motivated and committed to her true development”.

Congratulations and thank you to all four!

To find out more about National Customer Service Week, click here.

Be sure to check our blog every day this week to hear about more of our Customer Service Heroes!


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