Celebrating National Customer Service Week – Day Five

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Capita Customer Management 6th October 2017 3 minute read

Celebrating National Customer Service Week – Day Five

It’s the final day of National Customer Service Week, and the theme is simply ‘recognition’. In this post, we recognise the outstanding achievements of our colleagues, who provide top-notch service to our clients’ customers every day.

At Capita Customer Management, we have been officially recognised by industry awards bodies several times over. Since 2014 we have won seven Customer Contact Association (CCA) Excellence Awards, and this year is no exception as we are nominated for another nine CCA awards (with results to be announced on 16th November). Added to this are three further nominations for Global Sourcing Association (GSA) awards this year. This is all down to the hard work of our amazing colleagues. Without them, we would not be able to achieve the gold standard of customer service that we have previously been recognised for.

It’s been a pleasure to celebrate the work of our colleagues for National Customer Service Week. We’ll finish by highlighting four more of our Customer Service Heroes (plus one more honourable mention) – Rifat Nawaz from the Leeds team, Janette Wadsworth from Preston Brook, Iain Lee from Bury and Pat Garner from the Dearne Valley operation.

Rifat was recently recognised by her colleagues in her unit’s Fabulous People Awards. She has demonstrated true dedication to her customers, once staying an hour and a half after her shift to keep a caller updated. Her managers say, “we would be lost without Rifat!”

Janette is always committed to her role, always showing up early and willing to do overtime. She is unafraid to take on the work of others, and has passed her last 12 case markings with flying colours. She has received countless thank yous from customers during her ten years on the unit.

Iain was the first ever winner of his team’s ALIVE award after managing to turn a complaint into a call which delighted the customer. He has received consistently fantastic feedback from customers, advisors and supervisors and is very thorough with every customer he handles.

Pat has been on the Dearne Valley operation for over 12 years and was recently named Change Maker of the Month for her excellent service – she was even featured on the One Show when their film crew visited the operation!

An honourable mention goes to our Model Office team in Dearne Valley, who have collectively increased their customer survey score in the categories ‘warm and friendly’ and ‘listen and understand’. They have also reduced their repeat call rate and raised over 200 pieces of feedback on how the customer experience can be further improved – a fantastic effort.

One final thanks to all of our Heroes and honourable mentions this week, as well as all of our brilliant colleagues who devote themselves to providing excellent customer service every day!

To find out more about National Customer Service Week, click here.


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