Can good partners build a more sustainable world?

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Ricky Alfred 8th August 2018 3 minute read

Can good partners build a more sustainable world?

Our most recent edition of Intelligence features an interview with Ricky Alfred, Head of CSR for Capita Customer Management. In the article, Ricky discusses how to make a shared commitment to corporate responsibility work in a business partnership, and how Capita work with clients to ensure sustainability in our operations.

Corporate responsibility is an increasingly key issue for businesses considering an outsourcing partnership. Issues of sustainability and local community are becoming more and more important for large organisations. It’s therefore important that your business can share resources and skills with its partners in order to effect positive change. But how can this be done?

Ricky Alfred says that a great starting point for a successful CSR strategy is to look at areas of commonality that you share with your partners. “If you try to influence an organisation to get involved in an area that doesn’t support their value chain mapping and doesn’t really resonate with them, you’re not going to get very far as partners,” he explains. “But when you do find a project you can collaborate on, that shared commitment can add depth and richness to a partnership.”

Ricky also argues that transparency and sharing best practice are key components. “Sharing the results of what’s worked and what hasn’t within both organisations should help to tackle any issues faster, more effectively and with improved adoption from employees.”

Though it may take some work to come to a common ground on corporate responsibility, ultimately an increased desire for organisations to improve the wider community can only be a good thing.

 “Where we can find alignment between ourselves, clients, the public and third sectors that’s when you have the greatest impact; working together as a force for good and a force for change, and achieving more than you could separately.”

To read the full interview from Ricky, as well as learn more about the secrets behind successful business partnerships, check out our latest edition of Intelligence.

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