Black Friday Behaviours – how your customers change

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Emma Cannings 21st November 2016 3 minute read

Black Friday Behaviours – how your customers change

Customer sentiment definitely changes during peak periods and particularly Black Friday and the run up to Christmas. They are more demanding, less patient and very articulate on both accounts. We have seen this reflected in the verbatim left in both complaints and Customer Satisfaction surveys. It’s a more emotionally charged time of the year - whether it’s frustrations over securing a fantastic Black Friday deal or the stress of finding the perfect present for a loved one, particularly in the final days leading up to Christmas. They feel a huge pressure to deliver a great Christmas for their families - will Santa be able to pull it off this year?! - and this is then reflected on the companies they do business with.

The ability of advisors to empathise with the customer is more important than ever at this time. Often simple reminders such as 'imagine the customer is your mum/dad/brother/sister etc.' helps advisors warm to customers who may be feeling just a little stressed – and demonstrating it!

The training we focus on going into peak is around attitude and behaviour. Yes, there are always processes to follow and these are important, however empowering advisors to 'do the right thing', even if it means stepping outside these processes, ultimately leads to happier customers – and at no time is that more important than a Christmas peak.

A rewarding and fun-packed engagement plan during peak is vital to relieve the stress for advisors, make management more visible to them and show them that they are supported and their dedication recognised through a variety of rewards and awards.

And let’s remember, clients undoubtedly feel the pressure too, driven by the importance of peak periods in terms of sales volume. These events can make or break their year through the right campaigns, trading strategy and good execution at the time. Absolutely every item going into a basket and through the tills counts.

It’s 10,000 times worse than even the most fraught episode of The Apprentice….!

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