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Capita Customer Management 25th April 2017 3 minute read

Be the Change

This week is all about raising awareness about Responsible Business Week #RBWeek. Responsible Business Week allows organisations like us to demonstrate the many ways we are working together with our clients and communities to turn ambition into positive action for a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

Here at Capita we take corporate responsibility very seriously and our Be the Change Programme reflects the work we are doing in all areas of corporate responsibility including: our people; our clients; our communities; our environment and our suppliers. Here are a few highlights of the hard work we have been putting in behind the scenes to create a more sustainable future.


Our Environment

During the 2016 Green Week we set to work trimming between-city travel and turning off the appliances in the office restaurants when they weren’t needed. That, and a little tweaking of the air conditioning chillers to match shift patterns, resulted in a saving of 27,123kWh. Or to put it another way, a direct reduction of 22.49 tonnes of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere.

In that one week of energy consciousness, there were average savings of 9% across all the sites - 21% in the Mumbai office alone. The results follow Capita India’s achievement of receiving ISO 14001 Certification - a measure of the business’ ability to set up an effective environmental management system.

We have a number of projects such as LED lighting that have reduced our energy – for the last two years we have reduced our overall energy usage by 10% per annum.

100% of our energy comes from renewable sources and yes we look at recycling and waste management – we have a landfill diversion rate of 98%.


Our Suppliers

We’ve been doing lots of work recently on a new supply chain due diligence process that’s connected to the Modern Slavery Act. Usually people think of CR as linked to community or charity work, but this is all part of the equation too.

If you talk about slavery most people immediately think of overseas and the developing world, but you have to be mindful that there have been instances in the UK too. “The Modern Slavery Act of 2015, in very simplistic terms, requires every business operating in the UK business, with a turnover of more than £36million, to publish an report and statement outlining the steps they are taking to remove and prevent exploitative situations.

Part of that involves looking within your supply chain to see if there might be any instances of modern slavery there, and then acting to remove it.

In fact there’s a natural due diligence process we already undertake with our suppliers that incorporates much of this. It’s an important subject for us, something the Board absolutely buys into, and we know it’s important to our clients and people too. And the good thing is that our suppliers feel the same and are in the same space.


Our People

Having a diverse workforce is hugely beneficial to Capita. Understanding what cultural diversity is and building it into how we work together – effectively, tolerantly and so on – is equally important.

Innovation within a business comes from all directions, and being diverse – in all its forms – drives that. It helps us to build our strengths.

Our culture influences what this generation chooses to teach the next generation, including what knowledge is valued, skills, ethics, languages and worldviews – and all this fits well with our work on Culture within the business. Sustainable development requires intercultural understanding if we are to work together effectively, tolerating and accepting differences amongst cultural and ethnic groups (increasingly working with our International colleagues). There are strong links too to our Change/Lead the Way programmes, and our desire for sustainable growth of the business.


Our Communities

For the last two years capita has supported the Princes Trust. The Prince’s Trust help young people, aged 13-30, who need the most help in getting in to employment. Their programmes are aimed at raising both the confidence of the young people, their skills and opportunities for employment and we fully support them in that. Capita Plc Raised over £853,000 in total and have supported many programmes to support young people into work; including The Mosaic programme, improving employability supported by workplace mentors and creating opportunities for young people growing up in our most deprived communities – this has been set up in our Dearne Valley location.

We are also proud to announce partnerships with charities such as SilverLine – a charity set up to help tackle loneliness in the elderly. Our advisors in our call centres volunteer each week to make some outbound calls to elderly people. This is a 20 min chat to see how they are doing and of course it enables the advisor to practice core listening and empathy skills needed to be great at customer service.


Our clients

Most of our clients will of course be taking part in Responsible Business Week and indeed as an integral partner, we have a role to play in supporting our clients’ CR aims and objectives. Amongst other things we support our clients and help them to reduce their supply chain’s greenhouse gas emissions through the work we do to reduce our own. and we can show them the savings made across the year.

Whoever we work alongside, we bring our CSR commitment to the partnership, which may mean car-sharing initiatives, job-swaps and training, or employee volunteering activity. 


To find out more about our Be the Change programme, click here for more information ( corporate-responsibility or get in touch with our head of Corporate Responsibility

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