A world of great people: Capita India

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Capita Customer Management 5th November 2018 4 minute read

A world of great people: Capita India

In 2004, Capita’s first offshore contact centre was established in Mumbai. Since then, the Capita India business has grown to handle tens of millions of transactions per year. In our September 2018 edition of Intelligence, we take a look at each of our offshore locations and the excellent service they provide on behalf of our clients. This week, we take a look at how our Capita India colleagues are uniquely placed to delight customers around the world.

Capita India was established in Mumbai as Capita’s first offshore contact centre in 2004, and has since grown to have five sites in three locations across the country. The business employs nearly 8,000 people and handles c. 60 million transactions a year.

Over time, the services offered by Capita India have also grown. Originally, voice made up 80% of the business’s services, and setting up an operation in the area was seen as a cost-saving exercise. Now however, voice makes up just 25% of services and the region is instead known for the strength of its digital and back office channels.

Managing Director Sanjay Razdan says, “Cost arbitration is still important, but on its own it’s not good enough. It cannot be the only reason clients do business with us. What we’ve developed, within our business and among our people, is a culture of continuous improvement. Every year we need to be able to have conversations with our clients where we can demonstrate how we have delivered improvement and added value. It’s the way of life here.”

It’s a testament to India’s wide talent pool – 75% of the population is under 35, and the country is the second-highest for Internet penetration and mobile phone usage in the world. Every year 2.5million people graduate from India’s universities and schools. The end result is a huge populace of young, educated, tech savvy people.

The country’s high level of IT graduates also gives Capita India the advantage when it comes to providing Artificial Intelligence, automation and digital channels – highly important in this increasingly digital age. The business has 2300 people working on webchat channels – 1600 of these for O2 alone. Capita India has also provided successful website services for clients such as Next, Debenhams and Argos.

It’s this talent pool that helps to give Capita India the edge over other customer service providers, says Sanjay. “We have people who can do this job with skill, commitment and a high quality of service, yet still be able to focus on the continuous improvement that we need. That is a significant advantage for all the clients we work with – very smart, very educated people doing great things for them.”

Read the full article about Capita India on page 12 of our September 2018 edition of IntelligenceRead it at our Intelligence hub here. 

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