A world of great people: Capita Europe

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Capita Customer Management 9th October 2018 3 minute read

A world of great people: Capita Europe

Though we’re a UK-based company, Capita Customer Management also has multiple contact centre operations around the world. Wherever our clients may be based, they can still gain access to the customer service experience and expertise of our thousands-strong talent pool. In our September 2018 edition of Intelligence, we take a closer look at each of our international businesses. First of all, we speak to Thomas Güther, Managing Director of Capita Europe, about how the business is able to differentiate itself in a highly complex international market.

Capita Europe operates in Germany and Switzerland, and is the region’s largest customer management outsourcer. Around 7000 people are based across a dozen sites in the two countries, delivering world-class customer experience to clients from a range of sectors. The business is in a unique position in the region, as it has access to a depth of knowledge that allows it to offer a differentiated proposition to potential clients.

Though the business still offers the traditional contact centre outsourcing deals of price per minute, Capita Europe is also following its UK parent company into using transformational models of price per customer. In this regard, it is a trailblazer in the German-speaking market, being the first company to forge such a deal (in this instance, a 7-year contract with mobilcom-debitel).

To Managing Director Thomas Güther, Capita Europe is able to differentiate itself as a result of its people. “I believe we have the best in class team around contact centre operations in Germany and Switzerland, and this is something we see in feedback from clients. It’s something that differentiates us,” explains Thomas.

 “The strength of our people is in the depth of their experience and knowledge. Many will have joined us in classic contact centre job, but then stayed with us as they move into other roles, taking their entire operational background and knowledge with them. There is a longevity to us; low attrition and a team that’s been around for a while, including the core management.”

Thanks to the mobility offered to Capita Europe’s people, some are able to work their way up from the front line of the operation to management roles such as business analyst. For these people, it means that when they reach a management role they know the contact centre world inside and out.

This combined experience results in a management team that is highly knowledgeable about the contact centre process at all levels. “That means we can get down into the engine room of the business with clients,” says Thomas. “The feedback we get from clients is that they could contract with a large consultancy – and these are very clever guys who know process automation – but Capita can offer an added level of knowledge of contact centres as this is core to our business.”

To read the full article, go to page 12 of our September 2018 edition of Intelligence, ‘When Great People Do Great Things’ - find it here.

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