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To automate or not to automate?

To automate or not to automate - that is the question! I spend a lot of my time speaking to clients about driving the right customer experience and outcomes for their businesses.  A large proportion of what I do is helping clients create their contact strategies - where to deploy digital solutions and where to use a human touch.  More often than not I end up encouraging my clients to look at digital, self-service and automated solutions, which funnily enough drives out revenue from my business. This sounds counterintuitive, but is it?

The Internet of Things: a shift in customer service delivery?

‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT) is one in a long line of technology trends which has been heralded to revolutionise the everyday hubbub of life in the future. One in which the technology devices we own interact with one another, automating many of the everyday tasks of today. The possibilities are seemingly endless and the trend is growing fast.

Is doing a Haka all it takes to be a winning team?

The Rugby World Cup came to a climatic end at the end of October 2015, with the deserved winners New Zealand proving too strong for an Australian team full of fight. The All Blacks finally made their way home back to New Zealand and they were greeted with a hero’s welcome – ground staff at the airport doing possibly the most famous signature team dance in the world – the Haka! In the post-match analysis much praise was handed to displays of individual brilliance, notably Dan Carter rounding off a distinguished career with a man of the match performance. The question was asked “How do you create a winning team? What makes them unbeatable?”

Multiple accolades at the NOA and CCA awards

What an extraordinary two weeks it has been, being recognised by two of the highest-regarded industry bodies.  

When do we stop being a customer?

What happened to ‘the customer is always right?’ It appears that some organisations forget that they are actually dealing with customers - or humans - at all. Endless battles with automated systems, re-directs and circling answer phones achieves nothing but consumer aggravation and disengagement. Did the decision makers ever reflect on their ‘inner-customer’ when creating such a service? 


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