4 reasons to get involved with industry awards

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Tracey Roberts 22nd February 2018 5 minute read

4 reasons to get involved with industry awards

The UK Complaints Handling Awards (held this year on the 22nd of February) celebrate those who have achieved success in the field of customer complaints management. Business Development Director Tracey Roberts acted as a judge for the 2018 ceremony, and shares her thoughts on the value that industry awards can bring to our organisations.

This was the second year running that I’ve acted as a judge at the UK Complaints Handling Awards, and I was delighted to return. As a complaints management expert, I’m always keen to hear what others have done to turn difficult situations for customers into positive experiences.  Despite this, people often ask why I would give up my free time to be a judge. In the following article, I explain why I’m more than willing to get involved with industry awards, and why I believe that others should be too.

Needless to say, I had a great time serving as chair of judges for the 2018 ceremony. I won’t disclose the category I was judging, but it’s fair to say that the standard of finalist was as high as I’ve come to expect, and that it was a pleasure to read through this year’s submissions.

In my day job as Business Development Director for Capita Customer Management’s Remediation Services division, I regularly have conversations with my clients on the topic of continuous improvement. I believe that there are numerous ways in which industry awards can help to really make a difference to our collective progress – and I’ve outlined just a few here.

  1. Sharing best practice

Throughout the judging process this year, I witnessed some truly inspirational achievements. Without industry awards, there would be a real missed opportunity for us to come together and learn more about how individuals and organisations are pushing the boundaries for what can be achieved. Stories such as these can be given an invaluable platform by well-organised and trusted awards bodies.

  1. Promoting different ways of solving a challenge

As the old saying goes, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results. One of the things I love about industry awards is the opportunity they give to showcase the many different ways of tackling a common challenge. We can achieve different and sometimes unexpected results just by trying something new. Our industry relies on us to solve challenges today and tomorrow, and there is real value in us coming together to share our learnings.

  1. Employee engagement

I don’t think that you can overestimate the value that individuals bring to the services we deliver. From our colleagues on the front line of the contact centres to those designing solutions for the challenges of tomorrow, there are many people behind our industry’s success stories who deserve to have their moment in the spotlight. They should be recognised not only by their own organisations, but by the wider industry. Ensuring that talent gets the recognition it deserves is a means of achieving employee engagement and advocacy, and retaining that talent will eventually ensure our future success.

  1. Celebrating the work of our industry

Awards are all about celebrating what makes us great. They act as a collective value proposition for our industry and help demonstrate the expertise that goes into our work day in, day out. I’m proud that I’m able to play a small part in making sure that my industry gets the recognition it deserves for the value it brings.

My role as chair places me right at the heart of these outcomes. I believe that if more people get involved with awards judging, then we can bring greater diversity to the process and increased awareness of the great work of organisations and individuals in our industry.

Congratulations and good luck to all those nominated at this year’s UK Complaints Handling Awards! To read the full list of nominees, visit the awards website here.

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