3,471,250 steps to healthy

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Capita Customer Management 7th April 2017 3 minute read

3,471,250 steps to healthy

Each year Capita puts its best feet forward in the Step Up charity challenge. Hundreds of teams and more than 2,000 employees complete a virtual walk, racking up miles to raise money for the Prince’s Trust.

As we head into World Health Day, Adam McGroarty and Lucy Frain – whose team pulled off a top three placing for Capita Customer Management – explain the urge to hit the virtual road.


What was your team called?

Honey I Shrunk My Tummy. Ha! Most of the team names were humorous and this was our way of pointing out that being active reduces weight.


A fairly fit bunch?

Yes, all active in one way or another. Some do Ironman Triathlons, one runs 22 miles to work some days – so it was good to be part of an already active team.


How did you do?

We came third out of the whole of Capita. We raised £130 - not a massive amount but it all helps. Our total steps for the whole period were 3,471,250, which was amazing for us.


And how did you feel when you’d finished?

Adam. I was glad it was over to be honest! It seemed to be always on your mind… how many steps you’d done that day vs how many you needed to do and obsessing over not been the last in the team and letting them down.

Lucy. Really happy that we’d come third, but relieved when I could wake up and not think about where I had to walk.


What was the whole experience like?

Adam. It was a great team experience and I felt immensely proud we came third out of so many teams. I’m always up for any challenge that gets you out into the great outdoors and this had the bonus of enjoying the fresh air while walking with your work friends at lunchtime

Lucy. It was great to chat each day and have a mini competition amongst each other to get the most steps. We met most lunch times and managed to get around 7000 steps each during an hour’s lunch. I even made my husband walk to and from the pub, about four miles from home. He wasn’t happy when it was pouring down on the way home!   


So why do you think it’s important to exercise, and why do it this way?

Adam. The main thing about exercise is it makes you feel better, getting out in the fresh air adds to this and it’s certainly much more interesting than going to a gym. The health benefits physically and mentally associated with being active make it really important that everybody should make time to exercise as part of their daily routine.

Lucy. I feel bad and guilty if I don’t exercise most days. You never regret a workout. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated, especially if you exercise at home, but as you get older you realise how important it is to look after your body. Even if you’re happy with the way you look on the outside, you still have look after what’s inside!


£32,781 - total amount Capita raised for the Prince’s Trust

362,954,686 - total number of steps achieved by all the teams

7 – number of times that would have got them around the equator

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