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The Innovations Team helping Capita to stand out from the crowd

The Forum Customer Contact Innovation Awards are a showcase for organisations that are leading the way in customer service operations. We are proud to announce that Capita Customer Management’s Innovations Team has been recognised for their work in transforming the ways we gather insight, and for developing their ground-breaking Twitter analytics tool Socia-Live.

8 ways data will change and impact business in the next three years

Alan Linter, Innovation and Data Science Director at Capita Customer Management, outlines how changes in the use of and attitudes towards personal data will affect business in the coming years.

Using data segmentation to improve campaigns in real time

How else can data segmentation enhance the sales process? In his second blog James Ratcliffe, Director of Data Strategy at Capita Divisional Trading, looks at reaction speed and the customer feedback accurate segmentation can give clients on their products and services.

UK Customer Satisfaction Index 2019: How to seed trust in the customer experience

The emotional connection we forge with a brand increasingly impacts on the satisfaction we feel when we deal with them. With consumers growing suspicious of the giant digital players, organisations will need to lean hard on their Customer Ethos to counterbalance the loss of trust, says Mike Barnard, Executive Officer, Capita Customer Management.

Our latest publication: What’s happened to customer satisfaction?

The Institute of Customer Service recently released the latest results from the UK Customer Satisfaction survey, a bi-annual poll of over 10,000 consumers. In our latest publication, we take a look at the 10 key changes in customer satisfaction levels from the last year, with exclusive commentary from Capita Customer Management’s Executive Director Mike Barnard.

Segmenting data to find the keenest customers

How does better data segmentation help clients identify the customers who not only want their products, but need them right now? In the first of two blogs, James Ratcliffe, Director of Data Strategy at Capita Divisional Trading, explores how layering up multiple data sources can fine-tune a campaign to be timely and relevant.


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