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Why fixing a customer’s complaint really is the least you can do

Tracey Roberts is Business Development Director at Capita Remediation Services and a specialist in complaint handling. She reflects on the latest results from the UK Customer Satisfaction Index and asks, where are businesses missing an opportunity around this trickiest of customer interactions?

Why being alert to emotional context can boost customer satisfaction and benefit the bottom line

In a recent service design project, Customer Experience Director Kerry Edwards explored what happens when you pay more attention to the emotional state a customer may be in, and how this relates to the latest set of results from the UK Customer Satisfaction Index.

Keeping your promises? Here’s what your customers think

Jo Causon, CEO of the Institute of Customer Service, takes us through the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index. Why are this summer’s figures significant, what can organisations learn, and how can they gain an advantage in these uncertain times?

Do your customers sound happy?

By the time a survey reveals you have dissatisfied customers, it’s too late. The damage is done. But voice analytics will pick up the emotional content of a customer’s voice while they’re still on the call. You can spot the downward drift in their happiness while you can still do something about it, and that’s a major advantage says Blue Sky’s Director of Insight, Andy Moorhouse.

What’s the difference between happiness and satisfaction?

Potentially, the future of your business.

World Emoji Day: what does a happy customer look like?

How can you represent customer satisfaction without words? For World Emoji Day, we share our ideas for what a happy customer emoji would look like.


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